October 11, 2006

Test these hypotheses tonight

Want to read the latest crazy theories about Lost from Entertainment Weekly? Just click the link above and read in wonder!

WARNING - there are some slight spoilers about tonight's episode in the last theory presented!


Bobaloo said...

Thanks for the link. (BTW< I've commented all over today, in case you only keep track of the current topic..)

The Animal magic one was so wierd, but still plausible in my mind.

Anonymous said...

Good times! But all that animal magic theory stuff just made me think of that Christopher Moore book FLUKE, plus weird people with dolphin heads. Interesting speculation, but I don't think I'd bet on it.

Tonight was a fun episode - can't wait for your recap! I've already posted mine. :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, and without spoiling anything... the scenes from next week look GREAT, and I love the EW reference to someone now having something in common with the folks from Heroes. Ooooooh! Ooodles of fun!