October 09, 2006

The Other side of "Lost"

Wow, what a...luke-warm premiere.

Don't get me wrong, I'm THRILLED that Lost is back, and the opening sequence was pretty amazing/mindblowing. But to focus on Jack for the season opener was most disappointing. Essentially it just showed us that Jack no longer has any redeeming qualities. Seriously - what's to like? I can hardly wait for this week when we can focus on someone actually interesting.

That being said, there was quite a bit to talk about regarding the big Lost puzzle. Let's review what we do know:

1. The island is big.

2. The Others live not in grass huts, but in a faux-suburban community, complete with a book club that discusses Stephen King's Carrie.

3. The Others merely inhabit Dharma stations, but they don't run them.

4. The Hydra station must have been the center for zoological research, including a place to hold bears (polar?) and sharks (!).

5. Not-Henry's real name is Ben.

But of course we have even more questions, such as:

1. What happened to Kate at breakfast?

2. Did the Others have any relationship to Dharma at all?

3. "Zeke" told Kate it would be a rough couple weeks - why such a set time period? Is there some kind of Other hazing initiation period?

4. Where did Carl come from - was he an Other, or a tail survivor?

5. How did Juliet have so much detail information on Jack's life?

6. Ben and his cronies seemed immediately prepared to go address the plane crashing. Did they somehow know it was going to happen?

Best moment of the episode? Juliet cold-cocking Jack. Awesome!

Next week - we find out what's going on with the scout party of Sayid, Jin and Sun. And I am NOT happy to see my dearest Sun being shot at! Leave the pregnant woman alone!


Anonymous said...

I am so happy it's back! I agree, Jack is my least favorite character at this point too. But, still, a Jack-centric LOST is still better than all other tv out there. It's like pizza, or sex - even a bad one is better than anything else. :-)

I love Benry Gale. He gets more fascinating by the episode! I didn't realize until a few days later that Miss Klugh didn't appear at all - think she'll be back? There's got to be more soon about the medical tests they perform, and the syringes, in addition to this psychological conditioning.

Bobaloo said...

I've tried to not be too disappointed, because it will probably be the first 3-4 episodes to bring all the cliffhanger stuff together. The explosion in the hatch won't even be dealt with until ep. 3, apparently.

My disappointment with the Jack flashback was that it told us nothing new. Jack was alienated from his wife and his dad was a drunk. We get it.

Bobaloo said...

(Geez, I've become the mad commenter today)

My answers to your questions:

1. (Spoilerish, will put at end.)

2. Seems to be the major question, maybe of the season (Or 1st part mini-season.)

3. There does seem to be a specific assimilation plan.

4. (Carl was the cage-kid, right?) He was a plant by the others, used as an example for Sawyer. The "beating" may have been more theatrics.

5. They have access to the outside world. (Which would have major ramifications)

6. Seemed to be a standard operating procedure type of thing to me. And/or Benry is a "quick on his feet" thinker.