October 04, 2006

Rise and fall

This week's episode of Dancing With the Stars didn't have any one performance that I found truly amazing, but there were surprises.

For the couples dancing the waltz, the challenge was to make a soft sweeping dance something that would ignite the audience. And of all of them, Jerry Springer accomplished that the best! Yeah sure, he totally played the daughter's wedding card, but it was still elegant and charming. Monique and Willa were also quite lovely. I found Joey's to be especially disappointing - it was all high-kicks from his partner. *snore*

For those who danced the paso doble, I felt they all lacked the right balance of power, drama and precision. Mario was very strong...TOO strong. Sara's dance had a song that was far too slow, and thus it looked anemic. Emmitt was back on target (and DAMN his partner is fierce), but he needs to figure out what to do with his big hands when he's not holding something - he looked like he was going to swat somebody or something. And what the hell was up with Vivica's outfit? That too-long patchwork skirt and ridiculous boots were just WRONG.

My pick to go this week was Sara - she is a nice person, but is just not delivering what she needs to. When you're being out-performed by Jerry Springer, you really need to reexamine your committment!

But I just heard the news, and apparently Vivica was eliminated. Unfair! She was so awesome! Well...except for this week.

Color me sad!


Stef said...

I keep seeing only the Wednesday night results shows, so I see who gets eliminated but not their real dances. It looks like Mario and Joey are showmen, which isn't always a compliment... but Emmitt seems pretty good, as does Willa and Monique. I was just loving the Nick-Drew Lachey action last night. And Ashly Del Grosso and her 5 sisters, all with names that start with A?!?!?

ScottE. said...

Vivica!!! That's American Idol bad voting...Bad America!