October 11, 2006

Do you believe?

The theme of this week's episode of Heroes on NBC was all about believing in our heroes.

Matt (the telepathic cop, and my new TV boyfriend) finally got Clea Duvall to believe in him - especially when they had another run in with the evil Sylar!

Micah pretty much doesn't believe anything his mom Niki is saying (who has the shadow twin), and just wants to see his dad D.L., who is apparently on the run from the law.

Teleporter Hiro (who is such a lovely little pet) finally convinced his buddy to believe in what's been happening because of Isaac's comic book. They're on their way to Vegas - will they run into Niki?

Isaac (the scrying artist) couldn't convince Simone to believe that he really does paint the future, and she left him. Am I the only one that believes that she is annoying?

Meanwhile Peter (the possible flier) was in disbelief that his brother Nate (the definite flier) could be such an a-hole saying publicly that Peter attempted suicide. But Peter did convince Simone to kiss him. Stay away, she's bad news!

Mohinder and his pixie-haired friend (whom I will henceforth refer to as the Poor Man's Audrey Tautou, or PMAT) enter Sylar's apartment to find a disturbing collection of artifacts and a much more detailed map. On the map is Nate's picture - is he in danger? And is Sylar really in remorse? Well we won't find out soon, because amongst his many powers, it appears Sylar can clean up a whole apartment in no time. I still believe PMAT is secretly a bad person.

Claire can scarcely believe that the quarterback of the football team likes her, but what she really can't believe is that he is a horrible date rapist. And then he can't believe he killed Claire. Except he didn't, because she wakes up (hold onto your lunch) after being flayed open on the autopsy table. Ewww!!!!

Next week - the heroes start converging in unexpected ways. Believe it!


Bobaloo said...

I think Hiro and SK will just miss Niki. They already have a "connection" through SK's obsession with her website.

I also agree Simone is annoying.

I think Peter is more along the lines of an empath or something. (Deanna Troi style, not CoH ;) ) He can sense when his brother's lying, the quick connection with Simone. Beyond that, the brother is a full-on telekinetic, and he's who made Peter walk on air. (Or maybe Peter tapped the power)

I actually rewatched most of ep. 2 before ep. 3 since my wife had fallen asleep last week and we forgot. Especially on a second viewing Pixie Hair seems very suspicious.

Another cool rewatch deal was that in episode 2, when Hiro is at the newsstand, you can see a Newspaper frontpage with the election results headline...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, disemboweled cheerleader was not what I was expecting to see on tv that night. Especially after eating a big Indian dinner. Ew.

Wanna bet her evil adoptive daddy is involved?