October 03, 2006

Who will she choose?

That is pretty much the central theme in Grey's Anatomy this past week, and I actually liked how it turned out - that she won't choose! Because even though he's a jerk, I admit that McDreamy is rather hot.

But not as hot as McSteamy! Growl.

I loved Bailey finally confronting Izzy and *gasp* admitting she might have had a part in it all. No more muffins, Izzy!

Am I the only one that missed the memo that the bartender Joe is gay? Of course, ScottE pointed out that the place is called "The Emerald City," so I suppose I should have known better.


ScottE. said...

Damn McSteamy if a fine fine morsel!

Stef said...

McSteamy is almost illegally hot.

Yeah, they showed that Joe was gay back when he had to have surgery. I think his partner was even in it.

But I'm hoping that both McDreamy and McVet get so annoyed with whiny Meredith that they both dump her. Haha!

Bailey continues to be ridiculously awesome. And I'm starting to like Callie, too.