October 03, 2006

And then there were...

True confession: this is just not a week I'm feeling like I can write a full recap of Project Runway. And to be honest, not a whole helluva lot happened, anyway. So instead this time around, I'm just going to cover the highlights, as I'm sure by now you've all seen it!

* Jeffrey insults the other designers. Often.

* Uli coins a new term for patterend fabrics of a certain hippie quality when she says, "It's Uli!" I wonder if you have to fill out paperwork to be referred to only by one name?

* Michael chokes, and loses half a day sketching.

* Uli second-guesses herself, and ultimately pulls off her design in just five hours!

* Laura is feeling the stress. And the hormones.

* There is a brief Father's Day clip intended to make us think that Jeffrey has a heart because of a video message from the spawn of Jeffrey. Not buying it!

* Tim is getting all sentimental on our asses. Aww!

Eventually the dresses come down that are supposed to represent the designers' point of view, but also show something new. Which if you think about it, is sort of a conflict of ideas, but whatever.

Uli and Laura represent their respective views, but Uli does something fresh (i.e. short) and wins. It's Uli! Laura does what she does, and well. Not a surprise, but she's in.

Michael and Jeffrey both go way off-base. The latter does something that's lovely but dull and too "evening wear." Jeffrey does something like Marie-Antoinette-does-the-90's, which isn't lovely and doesn't rock. Who will go home?

During the time it takes Heidi to say something, I feel a shooting pain down my left arm, and I start blinking uncontrollably. Lucky for me, they are both in! All four designers will show in Bryant Park, which is brilliant. I can't wait! An excellent decision by the judges, I'd say.

Next week - reunion! Drunken fighting! Who will embarass themselves all to heck this time?

On a side note - I know that pictures of all the final collections are on the internet. NO, I haven't seen them, and NO I don't want to. I like surprises! So don't say anything here, or I'll force you to wear one of Angela's bubble skirts.


ScottE. said...

What happened to you? You having heart attacks after I go to bed?!?!

Dancer in DC said...

Only when there is a danger that Michael could be out!