October 03, 2006

John McCain is such a celebrity

No really! He's a prominent figure in this week's episode of The Amazing Race. Seriously!

Once again CBS was "the suck" airing TAR thirty minutes late. Can't wait until football season is over, as it's interfering with my regular TV schedule!

Checking back in with our teams, we see that Rob & Kimberly are keeping up the bitchy couple quotient that we're so used to from previous seasons. The beauty queens continue to surprise, being pretty good racers and tough girls. If the final challenge is to answer a question in an isolation booth, they are GOLDEN!

Still loving on David & Mary - when they argue it's pretty innocent, and they are really getting a lot out of this experience. They really represent all this show aspires to be - people broadening their worldview. Awesome.

Meanwhile, Lyn & Karlyn need to dial down the tragic bitching and moaning. No amount of sobbing at the end of the leg is going to make me suddenly like them again. Get with it, ladies!

And Peter? Is a jerk, creepy, and stupid. I would like Sarah more if she got rid of those ridiculous sunglasses.


cpowers said...

Well, it's a good thing I watch the Race on CTV, which doesn't air the NFL (or any sport really), and I was able to watch it at 7:00pm. Shame I was working that night.

Yeah, Peter's gotta go home to his wooden-leg factory and construct himself a pair of balls. Carry your damn woman if she can't walk because you were too dumb to pack a spare.

Bobaloo said...

But the NFL is big fun. I'm sorry it messes up your shows, though. Not as a big problem in the west, for that matter.

Dancer in DC said...

Too true, Bob. So you west coasters - enjoy the game! Don't mind my east coast grumblings.

Welcome to my blog, cpowers - glad to have you!

Stef said...

This was a pretty good episode. And although I hate that CBS keeps preempting the show, I find that I'm having no problem watching the full ep of TAR then turning to watch only 1/2 of Desperate Housewives. It doesn't seem like I'm missing much on DH at all.

I love Dave & Mary too. I was actually tearing up when Dave was getting so emotional about seeing what his Dad saw in Vietnam. And props to Tom & Terry and the cute Asian brothers for being the only ones to actually take a minute and reflect on what it meant to be seeing John McCain's flight suit. All the rest just grabbed the clue and ran off.

Brunette said...

What a delightful surprise: So far this season I find myself liking everyone, with the possible exception of Peter and the bickering couple. I am totally confused by the Peter/Sarah dynamic. Can I share a TWOP quote from this week's recap?

"Dustin and Kandice had to suffer through the drama of being unable to find a helmet, while Sarah had to suffer through the drama of being unable to lose a jackhole." So true.