October 18, 2006

The lies people tell

Sun is a liar. Or, at least that's what the plot seemed to be focused on in Lost-land this week. Of course, if you followed the plot, it was obvious that she's not the best liar in the world.

Still, I'm relieved to know that Sun did not get wounded. Of course, she's not afraid to wound someone else. Eat that, blonde Other chick!

Of course the far greater mystery this week is the fact that the Others have access to the "outside world." How? And better yet, why?

Question of the week - is Sayid like the WORST strategist ever?

Meanwhile on The Nine, Nick found himself having to lie just to keep his new friends out of jail. Aww - I knew he was a softie at heart. Methinks Kathryn might want to rethink that career in the DA's office. She's a maverick, that one.

Our one tidbit this week is that Felicia was the one who called 911 from inside the bank. Is that how it escalated into a hostage standoff? If she holds herself responsible, that's probably why she has the memory block.

Oh, and Jeremy is a killer. Bad Bailey, bad!


The Kara said...

I must admit I'm SUPER excited that Locke is back this coming week and that he's back to being a 'warrior'.

Anonymous said...

Kara: Me too! Back before Benry Gale, Locke was my absolute favorite character. (Yes, even more so than my boy toy Sawyer.) Locke and Eko are still the most fascinating pair to me, so I'm really excited about tonight's ep.

Dancer - if you're following the LOST-as-political-allegory stuff, it makes perfect sense that Sayid is way off course right now.... ;-)