October 04, 2006

Don't lose your head

Another good episode of Heroes, and I continue to be intrigued!

The bizarre happenings for Nikki are probably the most fascinating. But what about that comic book? Is Isaac really having precognitive visions, or is he actually writing reality?

Ooh - and Peter can fly! Or..hover, I guess.

Now despite my affection for the show, I have a couple issues.

One - the pixie-haired neighbor that Mohinder met. She's just a wee bit TOO convenient, y'know? Also, not such a great actress.

Two - NBC, let's dial back on the gore, m'kay? It is more than sufficient to just TELL us that a man was frozen with his head...anyway. No need to SEE it.

Clea Duvall! Now I know what she did when Carnivale got cancelled on HBO.

Next week - let's hope for more of the adorable cop! And what trap could Wire-Rimmed Glasses be planning for our little cheerleader?


Stef said...

I still like it, too, though I felt like this episode dragged a little more than the premiere. But I *love* Greg Grunberg and I'm so glad he's working on a show again! (Any Felicity fans out there? You've gotta love Sean!)

I am intrigued by all the characters, probably most by the flying brothers and the time-traveling guy. I guess we now have our season-long mythology set up, eh? That Sylar/Schuyler/Shylar serial killer with the, um, Ray Liotta technique?

And that Mohinder is a total hottie.

Dancer in DC said...

I just read an intriguing theory online that Peter's power is not in fact flying - it's that he can (I assume temporarily) absorb the powers of another, a'la Rogue of the X-Men.