October 18, 2006

I'll pass on the poop

This week we had the first part of the Project Runway finale. Not much to report, but I'll at least toss out a few comments.

First we had Tim visiting Michael. Michael is thinking safari, and I'm just thinking he'd better be careful with the prints - it's not his forte'. Also his family is super-cool, supporting him in his dreams. That's almost better than winning the show! ALMOST.

Back in NYC, Tim tried to understand the controlled chaos that is Laura's life. How does Ms. Upper East Side Glamour deal with 5 kids while being pregnant? As well as can be expected. Also, chartreuse is rarely a good color choice in clothing, I have found.

Down in Miami, Uli has a spectacular view, which makes me question if she's secretly nouveau riche. But you can see why she loves Miami so much - it really was quite lovely. Oh, and she's thinking safari, too. Eek!

Jeff's girlfriend/partner is adorable, and so is his son. So why is he such a grouchy jerkwad? Also, he has an enormous studio space to build all his designs. Considering he has all that, one wonders why he hasn't tried to show at Bryant Park before. Also considering he name-drops his famous clients at every opportunity.

At the Macy's workroom, Laura (and to a lesser extent Uli and Michael), is incredulous that Jeff has literally nothing to do except fit his models. She tells Tim as much, and he'll be launching an "investigation." Which I doubt will yield anything - how can you prove that? I would give Laura credit for having the cojones to say it to Jeff's face, but it appears Uli prodded her to do it.

Next week (or rather, tomorrow) is it! The moment we've all been waiting for! The garments I haven't gone to see online in order to keep unspoiled! And according to Tim - surprises...

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