November 09, 2004

Get a life!

Wow, I really need to write here more often. People weren't kidding when they warned me how hard it was to keep up a blog...

Today a little discussion of a reality show on MTV - the Real World/Road Rules Challenge. I'm sure you've heard of it - it's been on constantly for like SIX YEARS. Which brings me to the brief ranting period. Basically the cast is a bunch of idiots who have been on previous seasons of The Real World and Road Rules. They compete, win prizes, vote people out, etc.

What's truly sad about this show is that some of the older competitors have seriously been on this challenge show every season. In other words, these people have no life, and completely finance their lives by appearing on this lame show. And they're proud of it! Like it's a badge of honor! These people are so UN-real, it's ridiculous.

Of course the only reason to watch this is for the interpersonal drama. The challenges are really stupid. Actually Entertainment Weekly did a wonderful review of the show last week. You can read about it here.

Most of the men are very calm, and never cause any fuss. There's always a bit of drama from Mike a.k.a. "The Mizz" but that's it. The women, however, are pretty much only there so they can self-destruct and beat each other up (literally). A few guaranteed drama queens are Coral (who defines the TV stereotype of "angry African-American woman"), Veronica (who is pure evil and I hate her), and Rachel (a lesbian who had a total meltdown once when she got voted out).

Then there is Ayanna. She's just one of those girls that never seems to get along with anyone. If you were placing bets in Vegas, she'd be a sure bet of someone who will be voted out before the first 4 episodes are over. But here's an interesting tidbit - I saw her at the movie theater the other day! She was obviously in a rush to get to the start of a movie, so I didn't approach her. But of course I ran home to call my friend who always watches the show (so we can compare notes later).

The other reason to watch the show is for hot guys, plain and simple. Some of the boys are just delicious, and they are often competing on the beach, shirts. The most fun this season was a challenge that involved melting a big block of ice. The guys did some serious gay porn stuff to melt it. It was...kinda hot. :) I can't post a photo from the website here, but you can check some out for yourself.

This week I'm sad because the girl I like the most - Cynthia of Real World: Miami got kicked out because she wouldn't "step up as a leader." Whatever, bitches!

And the commercial that's driving me crazy this week if for Hecht's. I believe that Hecht's is an East Coast chain, so you may not be familiar with it, but it's basically the major department store chain in our area (like Hudson's, Macy's, etc.) I could complain about their commercials every week, because they always suck. They generally involve some kind of animated bullshit that's non-specific enough to sell...everything, I guess. This week they brought back the same dumb theme they used for the holidays last year - little "presents" that have female voices. And faces. And arms and legs. BELIEVE me - they annoy.

But to prove I'm not all piss and vinegar, let me offer a commercial that I really like! And it's for a TRUCK! Yes, my current favorite ad is for none other than Toyota trucks. It basically is written like a nature consveration piece, but the thing that is being "saved" is...truck beds. I can barely explain how clever it is - you just have to see it. I tried to see if I could snag it online, but no luck. If anyone finds it, let me know so I can post it here!