October 19, 2006

McSteamy is McPlastic Surgeon

Grey's had a few interesting moments this week. Let's review.

1. Denny left Izzy nearly $8 million. One could argue this all but guarantees she'll quit being a surgeon. I would have to say I doubt that. She'll just be a surgeon with designer scrubs!

2. McSteamy now works for Seattle Grace, because apparently besides being a slutty sexpot, he's also a plastic surgeon. Interesting! Oh, and did he sleep with Callie? Part of me hopes he did.

3. The burgeoning friendship between Miranda and Addison is great - Sterfanie actually emailed me about it, and I couldn't agree more. They couldn't be any more different, and yet...there you are.

4. And in an unsatsifying ending to the Meredith saga, she picked McDreamy. Boo!

5. When Burke gets angry, it's a wee bit scary, no?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pic of Addie. :-)

Meredith picked McDreamy, but does McDreamy still want her? I kinda hope she ends up solo. I'm sick of that storyline, and Finn was too good for her neuroses.