October 09, 2006

Delusion is the new black

Ah, the Project Runway reunion. A chance to to revisit old designers, and for them to put their best bitchy attitudes on. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), there is no liquor involved this year to lubricate those attitudes.

Vincent came out looking like a horrible, horrible man. He's trashed on Tim and his fellow designers. Even bloggers like lil' ol' me! And what the hell was up with that laundry meltdown? So apparently he's not just crazy anymore. He's a crazy asshole.

Speaking of asses, let's not forget the conspiracy delusions of Keith. He seriously needs to just quit the crap and try and save whatever scrap of dignity he has left.

Stacey, Katie, Bonnie - remember them? Apparently we shouldn't, as they got so little screentime, you could blink and miss them.

Of course the strength of these reunion specials are the clip montages, which were once again great. Loved Tim's definitions, and those for the designers. ("That dress had such a history of ugly." HA!)

The little part on Malan was great, and I have to say endeared me to him. It is a shame he wasn't on the show longer.

Hooray for Michael being America's choice! This is probably the only time in the history of reality TV that I have actually agreed with America.

I can't believe Angela still thinks her Jubilee Jumbles pile of crap could have been saved. Let's put it this way, Ange - Camilla would have looked more stylish if she'd sauntered down the runway naked.

Next week - part 1 of the finale! Allegations of Jeff cheating! Laura is extremely pregnant! Uli's models aren't showing up! Can my darling Michael win it all, even with his new braces?

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The Kara said...

Thank you for giving us this time to caucus. That's truly my favorite :)