October 16, 2006

I wanna dance with...somebody!

Dancing With the Stars - a week of interesting events! Not exactly scandalous, but as close as you can get on this show.

It all started with the all-Latin show on Tuesday, where the couples performed either the party-like Samba or the sexy Rhumba. Most everyone did well (I especially liked Emmitt Smith), but the queen of the dance floor had to have been Willa Ford, who steamed it up with her partner Maksim. Rumors abounded about whether they were dating in real life (they aren't). And then in another shocker proving America's opinion is lightyears from my own, Willa was sent home. Sadness!

But only days later, it was announced that Sara Evans is now going to get divorced, and decided to leave the show to focus on her children.

So in an interesting turn of events, fans are asking that Willa to return for another week. But I just heard her say on CNN that she wouldn't - "America has spoken." Well, sure - but they were wrong!

What will ABC do now? Stretch out a results show so long that it covers a full week and a half? Or is Willa playing coy, and she will indeed be back?

Find out tomorrow night!

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The Kara said...

I watch this only on occasion - what is the deal with stuff they found on her computer? Why is she getting divorced? What's it all about?