October 10, 2006

Hey, this sampan ain't no junk

I really enjoyed (parts of) this week's episode of The Amazing Race. It had all the drama, tension, and place shifting that makes this show great. Not to mention raising new levels of understanding.

Rob & Kimberly ratcheted up the bickering couple critical mass, and it was interesting to see that they are equally bitter and hateful to each other (and certain, as they call it, "foreigners").

I'm going to give Lyn and Karlyn a pass this week, as their struggles really seemed to be about being really tired and struggling against the elements. It was good to see Karlyn capitalize on her experience at the Great Wall to power through the Roadblock.

Peter? Hmm...let me think of just the right word to describe him. Insufferable? Hypocrite? How about I just settle on HUGE FLAMING A-HOLE. Ah, that's it.

Oh my models, how you have fallen? It's called caring for and reading your clues. You would think after riding both a junk and a sampan, they'd know the difference. I'm happy they're still in it, but they need to turn on their "A game."

David & Mary - how I love thee! David powers through a Roadblock. Mary makes friends (and flirts?) with Vietnamese men. And despite their difficulties, they pull it together and land firmly in 5th place. Hooray! Do they bicker? Yes. But they bicker in the "been married for years and this is a stressful situation" versus Rob & Kimberly's "still dating and should have broken up a year ago."

Next week - um...I don't remember actually. But let's wish them luck if it's the dreaded intense India leg.

In TAR-related news, Jonathan & Victoria who ruined their season for all of us just had a baby. "Spawn of Satan" seems to be an appropriate phrase.


Anonymous said...

OMG, I just jumped a bit in my chair when I read that bit about Jonathan and Victoria. The hatred returns!!!! And now it has procreated, scary.

I'm over the beauty queens. I haven't liked them for 2 episodes in a row now, and I wish they'd gotten eliminated instead of T and T. I also abhor Peter. It would be great if Sarah broke up with him ON the race. Has that ever happened before???

And yes, Dave and Mary are still the faves, closely followed by the Cho brothers. How cute are they???

DC Food Blog said...

I'm surprised how much I love Dave and Mary. Miss Alli on TWoP noted that in the previous episode Dave and Mary tagged the *wins, the *lyns, and the Ts and their buddies. Yes, the supposedly hick couple tags the Gays, the Asians, and the African Americans as their buddies. I love the *wins as well because I gotta give it up for the golden brothers.