August 20, 2007

I'm McLovin' It

Superbad is the latest crass comedy from what must be called The House of Apatow. Judd Apatow produced this hilarious flick which was penned by my new Hollywood boyfriend, Seth Rogen (from Knocked Up), and Evan Goldberg.

The story is simple and timeless - 3 social misfits in high school try to score some liquor to bring to a big graduation bash in order to lose their virginity (or at least start down that road). Hijinks ensue, and maybe they learn a lesson.

The language and jokes are hardcore gross-out, the characters are pathetically loveable, and I loved every minute of it! This is the new age of "tell it like it is" comedy. Awesome stuff to see with your buds - just leave your parents and kids at home! Years from now this will be a cult classic and all the cool culture geeks will be quoting lines like, "No one has gotten laid in cargo shorts since 'Nam!"

The three leads include desperate Seth (played by Knocked Up's Jonah Hill), sad sack Evan (played by Arrested Development's delightful Michael Cera), and Hawaii's one and only McLovin (you have to see the movie to understand that) who is played by newcomer Christopher Mintz-Plasse. They are all hilarious as they commit themselves fully to their roles - 3 teenagers trying oh-so-hard to be adults.

Their foils in the film are two adults trying oh-so-hard to be teenagers again. But they happen to be cops. Bill Hader of SNL is funny, but Seth Rogen (rockin' the pornstache) is funnier.

All in all, it's a very, very funny romp from The House of Apatow. Go see it now, while I make my plans to see their next offering - The Pineapple Express.

August 15, 2007

Roller Skate Fantasia

The Broadway show of the moment is Xanadu. Seriously.

If you've seen the movie, you're aware that it's incredibly cheezy and craptastic. So the creators of this stage show thought, "Why not poke fun at it? And the 80's in general? And even theater in general?"

The result is a hilarious romp from start to finish. Kerry Butler is outrageously funny in her overly affected Australian accent ("My name is Kiiiiiiiiiiraaaaaaaa."), and girl can SING. Oh, and you know she's on roller skates and wearing leg warmers almost the whole time, right? She's well-matched with Cheyenne Jackson [not pictured] as the blissfully clueless Sonny Malone.

The book adds a fun subplot where a couple of the Muse sisters are jealous of Clio/Kira. This let's them have fun at being nasty, and sing the showstopper, "Evil Woman."

And you get to enjoy all this while munching on the 80's era confections they sell - Pop Rocks, candy cigarettes, candy necklaces...good times!

In short, this is such a great show, I was ready to go back and see it again the very same night. Don't miss this one! Laughter is indeed the best medicine.

[All pictures courtesy of the official show website - see link above.]

August 13, 2007

Work It...Real Soon!

Top Model is on its way for the new season - September 19th! Try to contain yourself. Perhaps you can walk around your living room talking about how hot you are and being bitchy everyone around you. That should put you in the appropriate mood.

Holla, bitches!

Short DVD Reviews - Part 3

As always, I promise you reviews of our latest Netflix rentals in 25 words or less!

Little Children - The narration was an interesting tool, and Kate Winslet is certainly great, as always. But the plot goes nowhere, and I got bored.

Croupier - Clive Owen smolders. Clive Owen broods. Clive Owen is in an ultimately dull movie.

Xanadu - The cheesiness never stops in this 80's cult flick. Sure, the music is nice. But poor Gene Kelly - what a way to end a career!

The Safety of Objects - Intriguing, this one is trying to be like Magnolia - lots of characters all tied together. But some of the parts were lacking.

Borat - This film has a certain type of humor - the type about gleefully humiliating others. I do not enjoy this type of humor.

Zodiac - As a historical perspective on the Zodiac killings in California, I was really drawn in. But as a movie for entertainment, it fell flat.

August 08, 2007

Ultimate Ultimatum

The Bourne movies represent a unique piece of movie history. For one thing, they have actually improved, with each better than the one before it. They also represent a subgenre of action films. Let's call them "thinking man's action." Because that pretty much sums it up - pulse-pounding action sequences that are smart. Bourne escapes situations because he uses his ingenuity. It's like MacGyver on speed.

As you can tell, I loved the last installment in the trilogy - The Bourne Ultimatum. This time Bourne has nothing left - he only wants to know who he is and how he got to this point. And those with the answers are desperate to kill him off before he finds out too much (and before the general public finds out).

What follows is an exciting globe-trotting adventure that takes us from Russia to Spain to Morocco and back to the US. Bourne enlists the help of a familiar face (Julia Stiles, kicking butt this time around), and comes back face to face with Joan Allen once again.

I can't really express what an amazing ride this movie is - it's a must-see for summer! But you might want to bone up on The Bourne Supremacy just to catch you up (although Ultimatum does a nice job providing a few flashbacks). I can't wait to see it again.

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