April 13, 2006

Just do it

*WARNING - this post contains key information about this week's episode of Lost!*

As I had heard previously, this week we did indeed focus on Rose & Bernard in the land of the Lost. Which made me very happy!

They are just the cutest couple - who happen to be newlyweds! I thought the whole proposal scene was incredibly sweet, with a touch of surprise.

As for the healing aspect, I think this is what the producers were alluding to when they talked about doing an episode on these two for a larger reason. Now Locke's walking doesn't seem to be an isolated incident - Rose's cancer has been halted, and Sun was (we presume) able to get pregnant from Jin.

What I wonder is if this is setting up a big division amongst the "tribe" in a future season - what if there was the opportunity to leave, but some of them didn't want to? Rose & Bernard would stay. I assume Locke would stay. Jin was able to escape Sun's father - would they stay? And on the flip side, we know that Michael wants to go, as does Sawyer.

Jack & Kate being caught in a net - it was almost hot. Except I think Kate is not really sexy at all. Jack is if he keeps his mouth shut. Maybe things would be interesting if Kate didn't hook up with either of them, and went for someone random - maybe the surviving twin?

The return of Michael - good! Not so much because of Michael (meh), but because we might see some action on the Walt-getting-back front. Heck, by the time he returns, the actor will have turned 18 and they'll have to get a replacement like they do on soap operas.

For a new interesting theory, you might enjoy reading this.

Next week there's no show, and a recap show the week after. So stay tuned for May sweeps, because IT JUST GOT INTERESTING!!!

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Stef said...

Were Scott and Steve actually twins? I missed that - I thought it was just people getting their names wrong, and then one was dead.

You know I loved this episode. The only thing that could have made it better was more Sawyer. I like your prediction about a division in the tribe - maybe about a new escape plan like the raft part 2? So many possibilities!