April 13, 2006

I hate beets

*WARNING - this post contains key information about this week's episode of Top Chef!*

I don't actually have too much to say about Top Chef this week - I found it rather dull. So I'll just offer a list of observations I had.

1. Stephen was too well-liked, and that shit needs to stop right away. At least Dave made fun of his appetizer.

2. Can we just have Ted as a judge permanently, instead of the robo-hostess?

3. Even though he doesn't get all whiney, Harold needs to done down the "woe is me" crap when things don't go his way.

4. Miguel was a hot mess. He totally should have gone, but I understand why he didn't.

5. Dave! Get a grip! It's just food! I want to like him, but he acts like lives are hanging in the balance.

6. Just when I thought Tiffani was being a bit nicer, she got all bitchy at the end. I pretty much hate her.

So who do y'all think will win? We're down to just 6, so the end is near.

My money at this point is on Lee Anne. I think she's been consistently strong, and isn't offensive in any observable way. I assume she'll be facing off in the final 3 against Harold and Tiffani.

Andrea, good luck in your weird earthy-crunchy ways.


DC Food Blog said...

I'm wondering if Lee Ann will be the Kara Saun of top Chef. In the good and bad ways.

ScottE. said...

You know...everyone needs a good BM!

Dave: shut the fuck up with the crying. I'm done with him...until I saw him in the preview for next week.

Miguel: admit the screw up and move on...be done with it honey.

Harold, Tiffani and Lee Anne will probably be on the final three and I'm putting my money on Harold.

Stephen: They found a job for him...serving wine...but that little plate of little oysters...someone said it...That's a painting...not food.

Stef said...

I agree with all of your takes on the chefs.... yep, Tiffani, Harold and Lee Anne in the final 3. And I do think it'll be Lee Anne winning. Miguel is dead to me.

Brunette said...

Dude, Miguel was a *crispy* hot mess! I was disappointed because until this week I'd thought he was a real contender. Even the meatloaf - unfortunate, but anyone can misjudge microwave heating time.

Stephen - what it it with him? I was so disappointed in Ted for choosing his specks-on-a-plate appetizer. His food is always interesting, but it's rarely anything I'd want from a restaurant, mostly because he offers so freakin' little food - it's all about the composition. He'd probably charge $18 for that appetizer of his.

I *so* wanted Dave to go home. I've been sick of his crying for weeks.