April 06, 2006

The Ecstasy and the Agony - Part II

On Lost this week, we basically had a long mindfuck in which we are led to wonder if Hurley is crazy, if this entire show is all in his mind, or what. I'm firmly in the belief that it's not just Dallas-revisited. But it was compelling nonetheless.

There were some great guest stars this week, including Evan Handler, who was on the show It's Like, You Know..., but in our hearts will always be Charlotte's husband. I wish he was back to being naked on the couch. We also got to see Bruce Davison, whom some of you may know best as the creepy Senator in the X-Men. But to me he'll always be Charlene's preacher that had the hots for Mary Jo.

We also learned a bit more about The Other Formerly Known As Henry Gale. (Rather than call him TOFKAHG, I'm just going to refer to him as the symbol ~.) So basically we find out that ~ is indeed an Other as I surmised - not at all shocking. He spills that not-bearded leader of the Others is in no way the leader, and ~ is terrified of being killed. Alas, we do not get to see Ana Lucia beat the tar out of him a bit.

Hurley beating the tar out of Sawyer was truly awesome. But Sun and Jin laughing about it in the background was awesome-er.

Although the ending wasn't really sad, per se, it was a bit distressing to learn that Libby was a patient in the loony bin where Hurley was! Who is she really, and what are her motives?

I've received intelligence that next week's episode will feature flashbacks of Rose and Bernard, and if it does, I will cry and be in heaven because they are awesome.


ScottE. said...

The photo of libby looks like 1-900-LOST-SEX.

And I'm not reading Part III, even though I almost did!

Stef said...

I agree, that's the hottest I've ever seen Libby!

What, no mention of Sawyer and the Oreos? That was my favorite moment. :-) For the rest of my reactions, see my post from Thursday am....