April 10, 2006

We Had A Gay Old Time

A really good Sunday afternoon is spent relaxing doing something that makes you happy. And for us this past weekend, it was joining our friends The Hamilton Boys for food and videos. And what we ended up watching solidified our collective gayness for eternity.

First we watched a movie that the Boys has been pushing us to see for ages - Sordid Lives. I knew little about it, except that Delta Burke was in it (LOVE) and that it was a bit gay. I was fully unprepared for the fits of laughter that overtook my body. It's hard to describe - think 1 part John Waters film, 1 part Tracey Ullman sketch, and 1 part Christopher Guest improvisation. Get the picture?

I won't talk much about the plot, as it would ruin it, but you really must rent it. It joins the pantheon of favorite cult films like Drop Dead Gorgeous that skewers a particular segment of society to the point of abject hilarity.

The cast is a dream - besides the lovely Ms. Burke, you have Leslie Jordan (a.k.a. Beverly Leslie on Will & Grace), Beau Bridges and Olivia Newton-John. Yes, you read that correctly. She sings!

After that, it was time to watch ScottE's DVD of Liza with a "Z" - her 1970s concert. I've never been too big on the Judy-Liza side of the gay continuum - I was more on the Barbra end. But this was just too fun. Particularly because it was all directed and choreographed by Bob Fosse. No one does choreography like that anymore! It's such a shame. I listened to the music on the way to work, and thoroughly embarassed myself as I was popping hips and shoulders in time with the beat.

Gay...so gay. We're so gay you can see it from space as Karen once said.

On a side note, we went with Joyous on Friday to see Thank You For Smoking. Hilarious! As a non-smoker (and perhaps anti-smoker), I can tell you that it won't offend anyone. It doesn't promote smoking in any way - there isn't even anyone seen lighting up! The movie is actually about how a smooth talker can win any debate if he plays his cards right.

The best scenes all featured the "M.O.D. Squad" - Merchants of Death. They were lobbyists for Tobacco, Alcohol and Firearms. If you've never liked Maria Bello, you will in this movie. And of course Aaron Eckhart in the lead role is all charm and sex appeal. And although Katie Holmes was fine, I did find it was hard not to think of her as the loopy beard for Tom Cruise, y'know?

In TV land - is anyone else watching the Next Food Network Star? We watched last night, and I was pretty shocked. Not only by the elimination (I totally thought Nathan should go, but ScottE likes him), but by Carissa. I loathed her the first episode, but she was great last night, and totally had the best show pitch. I would watch that! If there's one thing Food Network is missing, it's something on French cooking. Although a show with a British host would be good - thankfully I hear Nigella is coming to save me.

No new Grey's Anatomy this week - apparently it's reruns for several weeks. But rest assured I will talk about it when the mood strikes me - probably tomorrow!


ScottE. said...

I'm not a Nathan fan, per se. I said "he's too pretty to go." meaning the suits will keep him for a bit, see if it could work out.

I am thrilled that Carissa did well with her pitch. and I like reggie!

Stef said...

I'm addicted to the Next Food Network Star! And I'm totally *over* Guy. While I think Reggie is sweet, Carissa is now my vote to win. Nathan is a bit too arrogant and, while pretty, I don't think I would watch a show of his. But I'm proud of how Carissa has really learned from each week's "lesson" - Alton Brown really turned her around! I've found that watching this series has totally upped my respect for all of the FN regulars, cuz we're getting to see so much more of the business side of their personalities.

ScottE. said...

Sterf: If you like the behind the scenes look at our stars...try to check our Chefography. I have soo much more respect for Ina and Giada after watching their episodes (and I did like them both, but so much more now). I HOPE THEY do one for Alton!!!

I said to Jason, I don't think they have a French cooking show on now, so if Carissa were it, that would be pretty fun!

DaveBear said...

Regarding actors in the Smoking movie...

You failed to mention J. K. Simmons, for whom I've carried a (somewhat guilty) crush ever since Oz.

Regarding Next Food Network Star...

Nate is decent eye candy, but his attitude bugs.

Reggie is endearing, but seems kinda doomed because his southern cuisine isn't distinctive enough on a network that already has megastar Paula Dean.

I don't really have a strong impression of Carissa, good or bad. She does seem more 'with it' as the show progresses, whereas others who seemed like strong contenders have frayed over the long haul. Her improvement and staying power, combined with specializing in a cuisine that many people *need* to have demystified, make her a strong contender for the finalist win.

...and as for Guy, even though it's rare for me to root against the guy with facial hair, he's annoying. He's trying way too hard to seem cool and slick and in-the-know. He comes across as being far more interested in impressing fellow 'foodies' with his credentials rather than educating viewers in stuff they need to know to cook well. That's a terrible platform for a show, and it is hard to imagine who would benefit from watching it. Other wannabes, maybe.