April 06, 2006

The Ecstasy and the Agony - Part III

And now we move into the culinary realm of Top Chef. Because Lost runs a bit over, I missed the first couple minutes, but evidently the immunity challenge involved blind taste-and-identify work with some unusual ingredients. Perhaps because her uber-organic self has to branch out into these flavors to keep dishes interesting, Andrea won. What was awesome in this challenge was that one of the ingredients was umeboshi, a Japanese delicacy that's basically pickled plum. It is also the same item that Yaya infamously spit out in front of the director during cycle 3 of Top Model. Good times!

But what was MORE awesome was that they then went home and did a junk food version with Dave squaring off against Miguel. Miguel the man-child won, proving...not much. It was still hilarious.

Pity poor Lee Anne who was paired with Stephen for the elimination challenge. You will not be shocked to learn that he tried to sell food on the street while wearing a suit with an orange tie.

But sadness came at the end. After an odd situation where gender roles got stereotypical (the women tried to be self-sacrificing, while the men let them take the fall), Lisa was booted just because she's lacking in professional experience. Lame! If you think that's a factor, then don't cast amateurs on the show. Farewell, mama - we'll miss you.


ScottE. said...

OK, I watched today on the iPod...and here are the notes I jotted:

Steven: "I'm always in the top 3 percentile of anything I do." BULLSHIT! What about the last challenge, ass?

LOVED the first challenge. I wouldn't want to do it, but it might be great fun to try! Go Andrea!

Poor Lee Anne! Having to work with Stephen.

Tee hee, Miguel pissed off that cracker Stephen in the latin market.

OH NO! Drunken Challenges! Sponsored by: KC Masterpiece, Hidden Valley Ranch and Bush's Baked Beans. (in end credits: Promotional Consideration Furnished by: KC and Hidden Valley...and more....ahhh, product placement)

Dave needs a chill pill in the kitchen...why is he doing anything if he's not having fun and just spazzing out all the time?

Stephen: Flashy Colors: You're wearing a dark suit....my friend that is not flashy...the tie, nice...but that does not make flashy.

Poor Lisa and Harold: No Jicama! Too bad. And seared tuna...way to think about the tuna after the fact.

I want to try Dave and Tiffani's dish. And they won!

Stephen...he gets that deer in a head light look ALL THE TIME..>he's lead too sheltered a life.

I feel bad for Lisa. She's such a sweetie. I'm with Judge Tom...I'd love to have dinner at her house.

Stef said...

You were so right about the gender roles comment. Andrea and Lisa are both earth-mother types in their 40's, mature, confident, self-aware women. And Harold and Miguel, I believe, are both in their 20's, and that age and maturity difference totally showed. Harold was okay in this judging and tried to reassure Lisa in the best way that he could (emotionally unavailable as it was) but Miguel sucked. Just plain sucked. I no longer laugh at the man-child.