April 13, 2006

Going Greek

*WARNING - this post contains key information about this week's episode of The Amazing Race!*

Another big night of television, and a lot of ground to cover. I'll be separating my posts on each show again, but I won't be carrying a theme through them all. Well, there is a theme. It's "These shows were all on last night." Moving on!

With The Amazing Race this week, I continue to see that the producers are out to mess with my head. It was still not a non-elimination leg. So although it was kind of fun to be surprised, I also know that means that we're going to be with the top 5 teams for quite awhile, and most of them grate on my nerves.

Whether it was killer fatigue (TM Miss Alli) or true colors finally shining through, Lake and Michelle were most unpleasant. She still is mostly a good person, and really kicked butt on the Roadblock. But Lake was crazy, rude and need I remind him that you do NOT call your wife a bitch. Even if she's acting like one! Their elimination was to be expected soon anyway - they just are not good with directions.

Not that BJ & Tyler are much better - they suddenly were like a commercial for AAA. Yet you know they just loved the wrestling with the nearly naked Greek guy in the rain. Talk about true colors shining through...

Eric & Jeremy got the Fast Forward, which kind of sucks - their luck is just unbelievable. But the upshot is we spent very little of the hour with them, and that's fine. We were spared their protestations on the virtues of fine Greek females. Oh, and can we complain about the lame "clue" and the shameless plug for The Da Vinci Code movie? I'm hating myself because I know I'm going to see that film, probably opening weekend. Damn you Tom Hanks and Ron Howard! If it weren't for the fact that I pictured Amelie when I was reading the book, I could have put off seeing this movie...for at least a week. (Shut up - who are you to judge me?)

MoJo was mostly good to go this week. Yes, she broke down because they got lost a bit. But she pulled it together, she breezed through the Roadblock, and they were both strong in the Detour.

And then my favorite team - Ray & Yolanda. They were so much better this week, finishing at the top of the non-FF teams. I hope they can keep up the rhythm, but next week it looks like they argue. My guess? That arguement was all of 2 minutes, but the promoters have to make a big to-do about it.

Fran & Barry - what can I say? They are old, they act old, and their shtick has become old. The only "old team" that I can remember on this show who was even close in level of non-sympathetic-ness were the Grannies in season 2. And they were gone pretty quick, so after another week or two, I predict that AARP puts up a PSA saying, "The views of Fran & Barry do not represent our generation in any way, shape or form."

(I just realized that both pictures in this post contain nudity. Well...I think the world needs a little more full-frontal male action anyway, so...enjoy.)

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Stef said...

I can't even express how much RAGE I felt at all the shameless product placement for the upcoming release of the movie starring one of my least favorite actors of my least favorite book. I was calling Mrs. L, another non-fan, on the commercials and yelling "TAR is almost dead to me!"