April 27, 2006

Oh man, it's Oman!

Welcome back! Or should I say, "My life is finally coming under control again, so I have time to post, so...RECOGNIZE." Sorry, I've been watching too much Top Model.

First this week I'm going to catch up on 2 weeks' worth of The Amazing Race. REPRESENT! (Sorry, Jade appears to be overtaking my body.)

*WARNING - This post contains details on the the 4/19 and 4/26 episodes of TAR!*

It's approrpiate that I skipped a week posting on this show, because it was (finally) a non-elimination leg. Non-elim legs are bittersweet. There are times where my favorite team was saved from elimination due to a leg like this. On the other hand, there are times like this one, where an annoying team got a reprieve.

It was great to see the show go to a brand new country (for them), this time Oman in the Arabian peninsula. It's a good reminder for America that the Middle East is not one homogeneous place that looks like bombed-out Iraq. There are wealthy people, there are rivers and there are people who speak fluent English.

I'm just over the hippies at this point. At first they were amusing, then they just seemed to be camera hogs, and now they irritate me. If I hear one of them say "T-Tow!" one more time, I'm going to wad up a tie-dyed shirt and stuff it in his mouth. And they are turning out to not be the best racers around. They still have issues with directions, and their dumb luck appears to have run out.

But I'm perfectly happy to keep the hippies around for another week, now that I know Fran & Barry are gone. He's a bit of a weenie, but I realize now that it's Fran who really drove me nuts. She's just so profoundly NEGATIVE, and it made watching her painful. She never thought she could do anything, and yet Barry kept telling us that she doesn't know how great she is. Maybe she's just not great?

Monica & Joseph are all up and down. One minute they're smart and competitive, the next they make a stupid decision (bailing on the tower detour) or fighting (this time about a water bottle while bike riding). I want to like them, but they just can't be consistent. I wouldn't be opposed to them winning, I just don't know if it would be satisfying.

Ray & Yolanda had that weird fight last week (I still don't know what it was about), but I still like them. I'm amused that she apparently really does have eyes in the back of her head; either that, or Ray flips her the bird behind her back a whole lot. I just wish they were better at directions - they seem to be perpetually lost.

And then there's the frat boys, who are probably gay, but frankly we don't want them on our team. FINALLY they had an incident of bad luck, unable to find the camel drop-off location in a timely manner. (Even the camel seemed to snicker at that one.)

But of course the universe righted itself, and they boys came in first yet AGAIN this week. Although they certainly seem poised to win it all, it's often the team that dominates throughout who comes in second at the end, so here's hoping.

Next week I presume we'll be back to a non-elimination leg, so get used to your final four for a bit. It looks like we'll be spending more time in Australia, and hopefully Eric will have something vital bitten off by a crocodile.

(I still haven't seen Top Chef from last night, so it will be a bit before I recap the past 2 weeks of that show.)

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