April 05, 2006

The Amazing update

(No, this is not what's on our TiVo. No way in hell I'd be taping Emeril.)

First tipped off by TiVo and later the Washington Post Express, I discovered that The Amazing Race has been moved to Wednesdays at 8 ET for the remainder of the season.

That's right folks - your intrepid blogger now has FOUR HOURS of TV that is must-see every Wednesday! My head will explode! And what the hell am I supposed to do on Tuesdays now - knit like Meredith on Grey's Anatomy?

So perhaps it will take me a bit longer for my recap posts, or I'll split them in two or something. In the meantime, a couple tidbits to tide you over.

Check out these guys who are launching a full-scale campaign to get on season 10 of the show. You almost have to root for people who try this hard. I saw their little flyer in Love Cafe.

You can also see more photos from the E&J/B&T drunken gayfest. Caution - the last photo may not be work appropriate, and might actually make you gay.


ScottE. said...

So what is Wednesday's line up?

Amazing Race
Top Chef

What else?

Kittens, I only watch LOST and Top Chef....and Top Chef I usually don't catch until Fridays.

Dancer in DC said...

Top Model! Which I will now have to watch on tape delay even later. Agh!

DC Food Blog said...

I know. This is like Sophie's EFFing Choice here. ARGH! I even comptemplated waiting until next Tuesday to watch Top Model but it was against Gilmore Girls.

Stef said...

Like Scotte, I've decided to catch Top Chef on one of its umpteen other airings. So wednesdays for me are TAR and LOST!

WOW, that last pick of the hippies and the frat cats! I'm intrigued to see how that "relationship" grows over the rest of the season!