March 03, 2006

Wednesday wrap-up

OK, two quick shows to cover - last night we (finally) had a new episode of Lost, and then the first part of the Project Runway finale.

Lost was freaking me out! All sorts of exciting revelations about Claire, the Others, and many more mysteries. I love how they stepped out of the box by having all the flashbacks be events that took place on the island. So creepy. I think the big question is what Ethan really was injecting Claire with - was it an vaccine? Or something to "enhance" the unborn child that they were planning to steal? DAMN this show is good. If you're not watching it, you need to put your entire life on hold and go rent season 1. Then you can watch reruns of season 2 all summer!

Over on the Runway, the designers went home to "make it work." I was a bit worried how little Chloe was doing, and was actually impressed Santino made something attractive. All around I found it exciting - seeing the last minute details before showing a collection (like model selection, planning hair and make-up, etc.) was cool to me. But this "last challenge" is a doozy. Santino does not look like he can handle it. Danny of course chose Nick, because despite the suit thing, we know that he can sew well. Chloe stole my heart for choosing Diana. It means I get to see my science geek a bit longer (and we do know that she can sew well despite other eccentricities).

Can hardly wait for the big showtime! I'm standing by my predictions which I've said to friends - I'll publish them here. Something disastrous is going to happen to either Danny or Chloe, and that person will come in third. Santino will land solidly in second - he will be very creative, but will go too far as usual. I'm placing my money on Chloe to win - I think she's been set-up through editing all season that way (although I admit on first glance I prefer Daniel's outfits - we'll see once they're all on models).

So what do you think? Who will win and why? Place your bets now!


The Kara said...

I've been all over the map with all three of these contestants... but I didn't like Daniel V's collection this time as much... or I was too influenced by Tim Gunn. BUT, I really did like Santino's flowy dress. Here's my big question - who is going to best pull of the LAST challenge - who's last minute garment is going to be crap and whose is going to work? I do believe you're right - that Nick's going to 'make it work', looks like Chloe has a meltdown with Ms. Diana but I'm intrigued by Andrae and Santino if Santino doesn't eat him alive. J-Lo - have you watched PROJECT JAY?

Dancer in DC said...

Ugh, I did not enjoy Project Jay. It really had him coming off as whiny, bitchy and a procrastinator. If it became a full series, I don't think I'd keep watching. (Or I'd just watch it if it was on and I didn't have other plans.)

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