March 06, 2006

Everybody is a winner?

First, I'll apologize for not having this post up right away - there was a major issue with the Blogger server, blocking access to a host of blogs, including this one. So I hope you were able to be patient, as I know you were just DYING to hear what I had to say.

Overall it was a strange evening. I think Joel Siegel put it best on GMA today - all six of the big categories went to different movies! And as ScottE figured out on his little spreadsheet (cuz we are really that geeky), the biggest winners were at just 3 Oscars each - Crash, King Kong, and Memoirs of a Geisha. Go figure.

There was a lot that was expected - Phillip, Reese, Rachel, Ang Lee. Most of us saw the screenplay winners from a mile away, and for costumes - well, I told you so.

But there were surprises, of course. Crash winning Best Picture - sure it had been mentioned as the dark horse over and over, but I don't think any of us really expected it could happen. It was actually history-making - no film that won the awards from the WGA, DGA and PGA went on to lose the Best Picture category at the Oscars. As EW put it - it's hard out there for a gay cowboy.

Speaking of which, it was kind of fun to see "Pimp" win for Best Song. It's always been a bizarre category, and this just adds to the fun! Heck, even Dolly seemed to be tickled by it. Maybe this means iTunes will finally carry it.

So can we TALK about the wacko choreography during the song from Crash? What the hell was that shit? Debbie Allen isn't working it, so there is no excuse for this...poo. The song itself was all Annie Lennox-meditative, so it would have been far more appropriate for her to just be alone onstage, PERHAPS with some flames behind her. (There's a gay joke there somewhere, but I can't quite get to it.) Of all the performances, Dolly's was by far the best, because it was just her - singing simply and beautifully. She's a class act.

As happened last year, I got to see the short films ahead of time, which got me excited. And then my least favorites won the awards. At least now I know who the far-too-angry guy behind Moon and the Son was.

Here's a rundown of my own awards and raspberries for the evening:

Best acceptance speech - I'd have to say George Clooney. He was funny yet classy, and got in a brief political statement. I've completely caved and become a Clooney fan. You go, George.

Worst acceptance speech - The Moon and the Son guy, because I hate him.

Best attire, male - Actually I'm going with Steve Carell. Although Clooney was classic and Terrence Howard was sleek, I liked the smoky gray tie and perfect hair on Carell. Of course, then he walked on stage with that make-up...

Best attire, female - Several good choices this year, with simple dresses in bright colors taking center-stage - Salma Hayek, Jessica Alba, etc. But my favorite remains Keira Knightley. Great dress, gorgeous jewelry, simple hair. She looked sexy, yet age-appropriate. I suddenly have the urge to pull out my DVD of Bend It Like Beckham.

Best attire, comic - The ties on the Wallace & Gromit guys showed that they love their work and don't take life too seriously. I'm so happy for them!

Best make-up - Although I thought her dress was just OK, Uma Thurman showed great face with her smoky eyes.

Worst make-up - Michelle Williams had a very interesting yellow-orange dress, but it was marred by her too-dark red lipstick. She should have gone with simple lip gloss, or something that was more coral or plum.

Best hair, male - Eric Bana! He's a hot dish all-around, but I actually thought that I wanted his hair on my head.

Best hair, female - Most of the women sported a simple classic 'do. But I think Jennifer Aniston continues to lead the pack on this one.

Worst hair, female - Helena Bonham Carter was a nightmare, which I suppose is appropriate when you're married to Tim Burton.

Worst attire, male and Worst hair, male - A matched set - Tim Burton, hands down.

Worst attire, female - Charlize Theron was bad with that giant shoulder poof, but I did not get that thing Naomi Watts had on. It was like a bad Santino design with too much extra crap on the front. She looked like King Kong had already had his way with her.

Most improved - A tie between Rachel Weisz and Reese Witherspoon. They both looked so fugly at the Globes, but showed up to the Oscars in simple gowns that made them look classy. Maybe they were safe choices, but considering how far they had to come...I'm forgiving.

Best presenter, male - Ludacris is really coming into his own, showing he's equally comfortable in the worlds of music and movies. The fact that I'm liking him now means I'm incredibly hip (but not so much hop).

Best presenter, female - I had so much fun watching Lily Tomlin and Meryl Streep together. They captured the Altman style of dialogue perfectly, while just having a good time. Casting directors - get a script for these two!

Best host - OK, so there was only one host, but I think Jon Stewart did a fine job. He was not too out there (Dave Letterman), but also not too serious. Sure, every joke wasn't a hit, but a few zingers really hit home (like the crack about the montages). I'd like to see him host again - I think he'd make a great Emmy host (if Ellen isn't available).

As for my predictions, I did better than usual! Normally I shoot about 50%, but this year I got 15 out of 24. In the future if I just pick what I think are the worst short films and the biggest blockbusters (for the technical categories), I could do a lot better. So, no win for me in Sterfanie's contest, but it was an honor just being nominated.

So what did you all think? Post your commentary here!


Stef said...

I'll have time for real comments tonight after Board meeting prep hell is over..... but for now, I just gotta put it out there. I'm going with Salma Hayek as best dressed. That blue gown was just impossibly gorgeous, and as Giuliana and Seacrest were saying, she has the body that every girl - and every guy - wants.

DaveBear said...

the biggest winners were at just 3 Oscars each - Crash, King Kong, and Memoirs of a Geisha. Go figure.

Things were oddly spread around this year, weren't they?

Just don't forget Brokeback - it held its own (at least by this year's standards), getting best original score, best adapted screenplay, and best director.

ScottE. said...

HATE: ABC, E!, Style, TVGuide Channel, for all craptastic pre-show coverage. What has happened, you used to be able to tune in and see stars and their gowns. Was a total let down.

I loved Keira's necklace. It was awesome. That's what made it for me...and her hair.

I liked that there were no 'sweeps' this year in terms of awards/movie. But I was really disappointed with a few:
Movie...I was too invested in Brokeback. Crash is a fine movie, but not what I wanted to win.
Actress: Flica was just soo damn awesome.
Song: Life is Hard for a pimp and I respect that. However, I just love me some Dolly and I would have loved to see her win.

Anywho...I got 16 of the awards right...not bad. I get the technical ones most of the time, it's the acting ones that get me because those have more of a sujective side to them...people tend to reward actors for things they've done in the past, as well as for what they've done in the current year...Russell Crowe....So I usually have a who I want to wine, who will likely win and who would be an awesome upset's hard for this pimp to justify which nominee to award prior to the telecast.

Brokeback...I wish I knew how to quit you....but I hear sometime in April I can own you.

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