March 09, 2006

No Dao About It

Olympus Fashion Week had a truly fabulous event in the finale for Project Runway, season 2. On the whole, I think the designers all did an admirable job. I would have killed to be sitting in that tent.

But the winner was Chloe, and I told you so!

Chloe opted to show a collection of mostly heavy fabrics in strong bold colors. She had some remarkable tailoring, and a few pieces that made me gasp. I simply adored this chocolate brown pantsuit - so very hot. There were a few too many shrugs used, which is not really a garment I like seeing on women. But overall I think she had a clear and consistent look to her collection of eveningwear. There are a ton of folks out there outraged that she won, but I think it was 100% deserved. I very much want her to go into menswear!

Daniel's collection was a bit here and there. I did like a few pieces, but on the whole it didn't excite me. Tim was right - those big clunky purses were a bad choice. And I can't believe that he would let Rebecca out there in a dress that long. I knew she was going to trip from the moment she stepped out! I'll bet she was holding it up a bit backstage, and so it didn't alarm anyone. Such a shame. But I think 2nd place is very good, and he has a bright future ahead of him. He is universally adored, and apparently Jai Rodriguez wants to date him. Hold out, Danny - you can do better!

Santino overall had a pretty collection - but pretty safe. It was mostly simple flowing dresses. But he had a few that were so bad they made me shriek. What the hell was up with the leather armor getup - is she going off to fight alongside Joan of Arc? At least he finished with his best piece - Heather looked really nice.

If you haven't heard Tim's final podcast, you should - all sorts of fun tidbits behind the scenes. There was drama with receipts again!

You can also see Kara's collection as well (you need Internet Explorer to watch it). Because Fashion Week took place before her elimination episode aired, her collection was presented as a sort of decoy. But I'm glad she did so well - there are a couple really beautiful pieces, and it's clearly her own thing. I think she let herself get too constrained by the challenges in Runway. I do like her, and hope her future is as bright as her layered fabrics.

Such a satisfying finale - I was jumping all over the bedroom, dancing like an idiot. I love this show so much! The best part was when they were asking for contestants to be on season 3 - which means it's coming! I can hardly wait. My hunger for Tim, Heidi, Nina and Michael shall not be quenched until they return.

Stay tuned for my review of the premiere for Top Model!


ScottE. said...

Such a great reality that requires talent and thought! OMG! I got a little worked up during the final judging and let a few little happy tears out for just seemed SO STRESSFUL!

As for Santino, I have a feeling that he was humbled by the experience...I hope, my gut says he must have been. And he made it to the final three and used some common sense and didn't make anyone look like there was a turkey on their ass.

Chloe, good for her. There was a chocolate dress that I loved sort of took my breathe away.

Loved it.

Daniel, I loved the dress Rebecca was in most, but really she shouldn't have been allowed out on the runway with that much fabric around her ankles. People tripping is only funny on Funniest Home Videos, not season finale of Project Runway.

LOVE LOVE LOVE Bravo! Can't wait for Season 3

joyous said...

Did anyone almost get a Kara Saun vibe from Daniel in the final episode?

Dancer in DC said...

Yes, actually. But I've actually had more of that vibe from Santino all season. To me he was like Extreme Kara Saun version 2.0. Mostly because of the sense of entitlement.

Em said...

I was rooting for Daniel, but I'm OK with Chloe's win. However, I'm only OK with it because (1) Chloe's work prior to the finale was so good. I thought most of her Fashion Week collection was horrible. And (2) because I know Daniel will still get a great job and do well for himself in the future. I will so miss watching this show until Season 3 comes on!

DC Food Blog said...

I'm sooo conflicted because I hate most of Chloe's collection but i have to love her because I get to meet her in May for a work thing.

Dancer in DC said...

EXCUSE ME?!?!?! How much do I have to pay you for an autograph? :)