October 27, 2005

Welcome back!

I have decided after a long absence to reinvigorate ye ol' blog. Perhaps I've been inspired by my hubby's blog, which has really taken off, or that our group of grad school friends has its own lil' blog now. Oh, and the fall TV season is in full swing, so there is much to rant and rave about.

First let me let out some raves. As has been mentioned a long time ago, the big show in our house is Lost. If you haven't watched it - start! Or even better, rent/buy the first season on DVD. So many yummy extras. My favorite character is Sun - I think the actress who plays her (Yujin Kim) is just beautiful and astonishing.

Another favorite which I haven't mentioned in the past is Grey's Anatomy. Yes, I love Desperate Housewives. But so far this season it's been a tad subpar (except Marcia Cross, who continues to rock the free world). Meanwhile Grey's has gotten even better. Remember when ER was really great those first few seasons? It's like that, with less blood. My favorite character is definitely Dr. Bailey, furthering my obsession with strong African-American women. She's played by diminutive actress Chandra Wilson. The men are all adorable, but our favorite has to be George. He needs a hug. From me. Repeatedly.

As for new shows, the one I got hooked on this fall is Commander in Chief. It really sucked me in - how did that happen? Remember that awful Geena Davis sitcom? But seriously - this is a good show. Like the good seasons of The West Wing but more personal.

Now y'all know I love me some reality television. So what happened this season? It all sucks! Survivor is possibly the worst ever, and I'm not even watching it. (Bringing back two former players to give them a "second chance?" Lame.) Beloved favorite The Amazing Race came out with a "Family Edition" which features a plethora of unlikable personalities, lame challenges, and completely unexotic locales (example: find the country's largest office chair in nowhere, Alabama). I'm so disheartened. All I have to say is that the producers of TAR had better turn this ship around, or I'm done with CBS. (This summer's edition of Big Brother was remarkably interesting, so I have hope.)

And now onto my rant for this post. I will be talking about the weekly sob-fest known as Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Come on, you know you've watched it. Each week follows a set formula:

  1. Present non-wealthy family's tragic sob story, generally involving a dead relative.
  2. Family is sent on a vacation, while Ty sends them periodic videos of what's happening, and it's all completely fake and lame.
  3. Designers occasionally work on the house, but mostly act in even lamer set-up sketches.
  4. Family returns while a bevy of paid extras stand around and cheer.
  5. We see the whole house (which is always ridiculously nice, yet impractical), and the family weeps buckets. We also weep because the kitten - she is being choked.
  6. Lather, rinse, repeat.

What kills me about this is how unbelievably emotional the designers are. It's like they have all been force-fed estrogen in mass quantities. The biggest crybaby is this woman, but because she's usually pretty sincere, I'll forgive her. Next would be Paul, who is a complete girly-man when it comes to sad family situations. And then we have the woman that I like the least - she's relentlessly perky (and not in a good Paige Davis way), yet always is drowning in crocodile tears by the show's end.

And of course there's also Ty, who is like an extremely annoying Peter Pan. Extreme Makeover: Asshole Edition. I hate him with the passion of a thousand burning hot suns. Where is Amy Wynn when I need her???

My parting thought is how astonished I am by how much I watch on the major networks this season. If you had told me two years ago that I would be watching more ABC than NBC, I'd have said that Britney Spears must be President (please, don't let that happen). Here's the surprising rundown of my regular week on the non-cable networks:

ABC - 5 (DH, Grey's, Commander, Lost, Supernanny)

CBS - 1 (TAR)

NBC - 0*

Fox - 4 (Simpsons, King of the Hill, Arrested Development, Kitchen Confidential)

WB - 1 (Reba)

UPN - 1 (Everybody Hates Chris)

* The one exception is that I do watch Saturday Night Live pretty regularly, but as it's not part of the prime-time schedule, I didn't include it.

Well that's it for this post. I'll try to get back on here with more regularity. Please feel free to post comments, and do visit the wonderful SNU's blog.


Em said...

Welcome back to your blog, Jason! I would like to rave about a show on NBC that, to me, stands out among a whole lot of crap on that network: "The Office." It is incredibly funny, in a dry humor kind of way, and you find yourself caring about all the characters, even the ones that can't seem to get their feet out of their mouths. It's not classic sitcom humor, which is why people seem to either love it or hate it. Personally, I love it, and after LOST, it's my only must-see show every week.

ScottE. said...

Welcome back!

I basically start each evening saying: What are we doing with TIVO tonight? And this is our schedule. But I only stay up late for LOST. Everything else I struggle through. I do like Kitchen Confidential....the lead is a little hottie! Wolf! And it's kind of funny, but it has been on hiatus while the Baseball playoffs took over Fox, so I'm guessing we'll have it back next week.

And for those rolling your eyes...REBA is actually really good...and I'm not just saying that. It is one of the better 1/2 situation sitcoms that is worth watching now. Makes me feel like a proud daddy to see my girl do well!

Lady Brandenburg said...

TV talk - yay!

I have to say, I'm really getting into The Biggest Loser this year. It's stupid, but I love seeing people successfully lose weight - even if they "lose" and get kicked off the show. I Tivo it while I'm at rehearsal every Tuesday.

Em, I like The Office, but made a big mistake by renting all the British version episodes (which made me laugh out loud, often), so the American one seems not quite as good. Although the American one is still EONS better than most of what is on.

Must see TV (or "Must Tivo TV") for me is Lost, any episode of What Not to Wear, Nip/Tuck (or F*** F*** as Josh and I call it), Biggest Loser, Best Week Ever, SNL. For Josh it's House, The OC and Las Vegas. Wow, when I see it all written out I see how weird our TV tastes are.

And I can't believe all the damn reruns right now!!! Ugh! Get our shows back on the damn tube!

ScottE. said...

I'm actually happy we have a bit of a break right now from new episodes...I was getting freaked out by all the new shows and needed to watch everything....sort of sensory overload...after this next week, I certainly will be ready for new Must Tivo TV.

DC Food Blog said...

I did love the last episode of Desperate Housewives where Lynette finally did something that wasn't 100% stupid or 100% selfish. I love that she shanked herself up to ensure she would neverh ave to go bar hopping with her boss again. Lovely wedding pictures of you and hubby. You two clean up pretty!

Dancer in DC said...

Well-put. Lynette is usually my least-favorite character because she's soooo self-serving. But this was a good one.

Thanks for the compliment. Of course my theory is any man can look good in a tux. :)

ScottE. said...

You should see us when we're not in tuxes...a sad sight! ;)

Stef said...

Oh no, I love Lynette! Or maybe I just adore Felicity Huffman.

Anyway, J-Lo, love that you're blogging your rants! I look forward to many entertaining posts.

As for my tv tastes, they have changed a bit. The rundown... Must see: West Wing (it's gotten really good again), DH, Grey's Anatomy, Gilmore Girls, House. So that means Sunday and Tuesday are my tv nights.

I don't have TiVo, so everything else I do via DVD on Netflix. I just watched the first season of TAR, which I'd never seen before. I loved the big frat boys Drew & Kevin! I have to figure out if I have GSN cuz I need to catch up and watch seasons 2-5. But I have given up on this season, cuz I don't like the family idea and it's up against House. Which I love. (You know me and my love for misanthropic, curmudgeonly men.)

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