March 24, 2006


Trying to catch up on the many movies I missed this Oscar season, I nabbed a couple at the video store, and watched them this week. The title of this post refers to...well I think you'll see why.

First ScottE and I watched Good Night, and Good Luck. There was a lot I liked about it. It's part historical lesson, I love the black and white noirish feel, as well as the claustrophobic "everything inside an office" environment. Some good acting, particularly from David Strathairn and Patricia Clarkson. And it was certainly full of some "Hey, it's that guy!" moments - I liked seeing Alex Borstein of MadTV fame in there. But I didn't walk away thinking it was the best movie of the year by any stretch. ScottE liked it better than Crash, though - so take that as you will.

He would not even deign to watch the other movie with me - Sky High. OK, before you tar and feather me, let me explain that I rented it for two main reasons. 1 - it prominently featured Lynda Carter of Wonder Woman fame. Whom I love. Shut up! 2 - when we were in LA last summer, we happened to be across form the Disney theater as they were starting the premiere of the movie, red carpet and all.

Unsurprisingly however, the movie was not good. In many ways it was just Harry Potter in reverse. The plot was totally predictable from the first 15 minutes. Sure it was fun to see some of the kids having superpowers (the sistah cheerleader that could multiply herself was a hoot). And a few special effects were nice. But mostly this was a movie for 8 - 12 year olds, and I had no business watching it. Even if Lynda Carter was fabulous. (Which she was, of course.)

Next I hope to catch up on some higher-brow fare - Geisha, Prejudice and so forth.


ScottE. said...

I did love Good Night and Good Luck...I felt that technically it was a better movie stronger lead characters. Crash was good and I loved parts of it, but the more I think about it, the less I LOVE it on a whole. Feels like a syllabus in race relations...with no resolution. maybe my liberal bleeding heart just loved the messages in GN&GL more??!?!?

Stef said...

I really liked GN&GL, mostly for its writing and the artistry of it (b&w looks fantastic). But I never thought of it as the best movie of the year. To me, that's still a toss-up between Crash and Brokeback.

I've not seen Sky High, but I won't mock. I myself have a tendency to rent and enjoy Amanda Bynes movies, so who am I to judge?!?