March 29, 2006

How do you pronounce "Palermo"?

I will be discussing last night's episode of The Amazing Race, including the ending.

This week's installment of TAR was full of some tense moments, but also a lot of things that just frustrated me to no end. I present to you:

The Top 10 Things That Annoyed Me This Week

10. Eric & Jeremy are consistently annoying, and just need to be mentioned thusly.

9. I was mortified to see that Jeremy has my Ireland zipped sweatshirt that I bought at Target, and love to wear. (I tried to find a link to show you, but no luck.) I will just have to assume that he had received it as a gift, because if I focus on the fact that we have the same taste in clothes, I will explode into confetti.

8. BJ & Tyler really need to tone down the mugging for the camera. They have gone from being mildly amusing to mildly irritating. Is it possible to open a clue without a huge flourish?

7. Fran & Barry are annoying me for a reason I can't put my finger on. It might be related to them walking past a clue box continually once again.

6. I was annoyed to see a breakdown from Dave & Lori. I think they're still fine as a couple and all is well, but I hate to see any weakness from my favorite team.

5. I actually was not annoyed with Monica & Joseph at all this week, but it looks like she's going to pitch a hissy fit next week, and that sucks.

4. I'm annoyed that Ray & Yolanda are having such issues with directions lately. They are really one of the only palatable teams left, and they need to get their act in gear. Good call on taking the bell, though. Also, Ray was quite funny at the Roadblock, and I hope to see more of that.

3. Michelle - do a frickin' Roadblock already! When you get to a point that Lake has done 6 and it ends up being a very physical task, you're going to cry and cry, while I laugh and laugh.

2. Once again the Roadblock sucked, this time because they had to assemble a puzzle with 2 extra pieces...which they were not told. The ONLY reason that was done was to create false tension, and to fuck with the racers' minds. I hate that. Watch it, producers - I've got your number. When you make Lori cry unnecessarily, you face my wrath.

1. That damn Yield. This stupid element was added a few seasons ago, and it's just idiotic. It adds a mean-spirited aspect to the game that did not exist before, and is just not necessary. And for the first time in TAR history, it actually determined who was eliminated. I can confidently say that if Lake hadn't decided to Yield the Double D's (and I really don't begrudge him for taking advantage of the opportunity), then it would have ended differently.

Here's hoping next week is a really good one. And that it takes place in a city that doesn't inspire 8 different pronunciations. (Has no one even heard of Sicily before? Palermo is like the only city of significant size there.)

Tonight we return to the evening of a thousand shows to keep up with - Top Model, Lost and Top Chef. All of this while I prepare for my mother's visit. Ack! So I will recap the shows - but perhaps not for a couple days. Stay tuned, faithful readers.


Stef said...

I was so glad to see the D's go. But what was with all the references to hooking up with Eric & Jeremy? Did I miss any onscreen canoodling? Or is TAR the first reality show in HISTORY to *not* use hookup footage as a gratuitous ratings-grabber? It sounds like that was a mimbo-bimbo match in heaven, except the mimbo's are doing much better. I was so annoyed when Eric-or-Jeremy (who knows which one is which?) screamed about how hot the Italian woman was right in front of her. They make Americans look bad.

I'll be offline all day tomorrow and not able to comment on LOST. But perhaps I will be texting if it's just that good...???

Dancer in DC said...

I think the canoodling was overblown by E&J - it was probably next to non-existent. I think Phil kept bringing it up to bring home the point that they were big liar-heads. And the D's played along, because it amused them.

DC Food Blog said...

It does seem like Eric and Jeremy and BJ and Tyler have a pact with the devil and seem to end up catching the best flight/train/bus.

Lady Brandenburg said...

I love you but I will die if you don't post about ANTM.

Dancer in DC said...

Never fear my faithful readers! The "Weekend of Mom" is reaching its end, and I will hopefully have a post up tomorrow afternoon. I'll try to make it extra-snarky. :)