March 01, 2006

Last one to the Southern hemisphere is a rotten egg!

Well as Sterfanie predicted, it's time for me to talk about the best reality show on TV - The Amazing Race returns!!! And it looks like with season 9 we are back to "normal" which is such a relief. I'm sure that my fellow fans (including Neal and Other Rebecca) are excited.

All in all, a good premiere. I like that they stayed in one city, as it meant less long-distance travel, and that allows us more time to get to know the teams well. It was also two hours, which helps. This week we began in Sao Paulo, Brazil, which is the largest city in South America - and the 3rd largest in the world!

So far our teams seem to represent the usual cast of characters, but there are a few surprises that I like. So I give you DancerInDC's Snap Judgements After 1 Episode!

Lake & Michelle - Here we have the all-too-frequent married couple where the husband is "intense" which is reality TV-speak for "asshole-ish." Despite the early drama from these two, I chuckled a little when you could see they both were wearing motion sickness patches behind their ears, many hours after their plane ride. Losers!

Danielle & Dani - These would be the bimbo pair of girls we get each season. Clearly they're not that bright, and will be relying on their sex appeal to get far. And they will, which...HATE. I would like to point out that I actually called them "Team Double D" before the episode aired, although I was thinking of it more in relation to their giant bazooms.

BJ & Tyler - I kind of like these guys, as they're a bit different for this show. They are of the Phish concert-granola-Seattle coffee crowd. They also did quite well, landing in second. So for now I like them, but I can see how they might grate on my nerves after awhile.

Ray & Yolanda - An althletic and actually intense dating couple, I so far like them. What I worry about is a jealousy streak from him - he seemed at times like he was going to punch out all the guys whistling at his girl in front of the motorcycle shop. He probably should have just said something and stopped glowering.

John & Scott - The gay non-sexual life partners were Philiminated, and I'd say with good reason. They were too full of indecision, and this game really penalizes you for that. I'm sure they're nice, and I wouldn't mind meeting them. But TAR was not the show for them.

David & Lori - This couple is a real breath of fresh air for this show. They are a dating couple that actually like each other, and they are "normal." Normal in the sense that they aren't model-skinny/pretty, have actual intellignece, and a noticeable sense of humor. They remind me of dozens of friends I've had in my life, and I bet represent 50% of the viewership for this show. Here's hoping they go all the way to the final 3!

Eric & Jeremy - Our standard vacuous pretty-boy friends. I instantly hate them because they are so...heterosexual. I don't mean that as a slam on my straight friends, it's just that they are macho just for the sake of being so. And that's tired. Of course they'll be around forever, drooling over the Double-D's. Ugh.

Fran & Barry - The old couple who are representing their generation very poorly. I screamed at the TV for them to be eliminated for walking past a clue box over and over for a long time. Have you not WATCHED the show? Do you not know what a clue box LOOKS LIKE? For the love...

Lisa & Joni - HATE. Sorry to be so strong right away, but women (or men, I suppose) who shriek at just about anything just because is so annoying, and I got enough of that in past seasons. At least the Bowling Moms in season 5 were decent racers. I'm hoping these two are gone next week.

Monica & Joseph - The couple who dubs themselves with a nickname before the show starts and picks a dumb name is dead to me. "Team Mojo," indeed. Bah. They'll be toast in a few weeks.

Wanda & Desiree - Yay for my favorite pair! It's been since season 2 that we had a mother-daughter team, and I really like these two. They work well together, but don't fall too strongly into child-parent roles. They are in good shape, and used their language skills effectively. I think a 3rd place finish the first week is a good indicator, and my hope is that they will be the team to take it all. Go Puerto Ricans!!!

I hope you all will give this show a chance - it's really returned to what makes it great, and I think you'll enjoy it.

In other news, I have to start watching my new addiction that was pushed on me by Em a few months ago. The sixth cycle of America's Next Top Model premieres next Wednesday. Work it!


Lady Brandenburg said...

I didn't watch, but I just looked at the Amazing Race website and I like the bio on David and Lori - he, a musician, she, a Pizza Hut manager. Very normal!!

DC Food Blog said...

What a releif of an episode from last season's family debacle. I love the mother daughter team.

ScottE. said...

I'll probably catch up in a few later episodes...I can't be addicted to more TV.

Stef said...

Oh, I'm so addicted to this tv show. And as I think I mentioned before, it's a good thing Dancing with the Stars just ended this weekend so I can transfer my addiction to TAR.

I had a very dangerous conversation with a friend at work today. I've been able to manage my tv addictions by picking which shows I watch real-time (TAR, Grey's Anatomy, Gilmore Girls) and which shows I watch via Netflix (24, Veronica Mars, soon-to-be Lost). I'm able to pace myself just by the natural time lag of renting via Netflix, with a max of 1-2 DVDs per show per week.

Well, this friend and her BF have downloaded the entire season thus far of Veronica Mars and are willing to loan me all of the DVDs. And she would do the same for Lost, for season 1 and up to now on 2. Uh oh! With all those DVDs at my fingertips, i could see myself becoming a totally methed-out tv-addicted fiend!!!

I need to think about this. But if I suddenly go underground -- taking a week of my accrued vacation time and not responding to human contact - you'll know why.

Dancer in DC said...

Well at least it would be for a worthwhile activity.

Brunette said...

All good calls- I just have to quibble about Wanda and Desiree. Though they don't bug nearly as much as the Glamazons do, I really think Wanda needs to mellow out. But Desiree seems very together, and I think she balances out her mother's mania very nicely!

When's the Runway update?

Dancer in DC said...

I'll probably post this later today, with the caveat that ScottE has to keep his eyes shut, as he hasn't seen it yet!

Also coming up - my final Oscar predictions.

ScottE. said...

Yep, I've not seen the Project Runway yet and have kept my eyes shut while rolling down the blog at least J-lo is updating more frequently!!!!

I should be watching it's on too late on Wednesday, then I work late on Thursday, so Friday's the first chance.

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