March 22, 2006

Oh gnome!

Alas poor Desiree, I knew her well.

Last night was a highly disappointing episode of The Amazing Race for a few reasons.

First and foremost was that major confusion on the Autobahn doomed my favorite team to eliminiation. Poor Wanda and Desiree! I shall miss them and their spunkiness. They clearly were victims of killer fatigue, as even the stronger of the two (Desiree) could barely keep up her energy in the Roadblock. Miraculously, they did manage to catch up to the team in front of them at the end, but were just not able to squeeze it out in front of the Double D's. So I guess now all my power will go into rooting for the self-proclaimed nerds, Dave & Lori. Go geeks!

A second major disappointment was the lame-ass product placement Roadblock. OK, we get it - Travelocity is a sponsor (and no, I won't link to their site). But having people search a field for a gnome is dumb, and having them carry it around for the rest of the leg is dumber. I can handle small amounts of product placement if it's at least relevant and fits into the show well (think the Banana Republic challenge on Project Runway). But this just sucked.

And finally we are subjected to the testosterone nimrods (Eric & Jeremy) landing in first place yet again, mostly spurred on by scoring the earliest flight out of Moscow. I really hate them more than I can possibly say - all they talk about on camera is sex and women. Clearly this is massive over-compensation, and they probably are horrible in bed. Henceforth I shall call them the Minutemen.

So this was all a big letdown - I'm hoping the show takes some great resurgence next week. The season began very promising.

Tonight we have the first new episode of Lost in awhile, and I know I'll love it because it focuses on my favorite character, Sun. I expect it will be more of the heartwarming variety, and there are whispers of pregnancy...remember when Claire yelled at her about, "Have you ever had a child of your own?" How much you want to bet that plays out now?

And over on Top Model, the girls will be modeling with cockroaches. No, I don't mean Eric & Jeremy, I mean real insects. This sounds more bizarre than the tarantula shoot in cycle 3.

Also I'll be watching Top Chef, which I thought I might avoid, but is now sucking me in, no thanks to Brunette. Curse you and your addictions!


ScottE. said...

First thing I noticed in the photo was the gnome....and having not seen the show, I had no idea. "Call for back no, don't back up!"

And yippee for LOST!!!!

You might want to put a spoiler in your case someone isn't caught up on LOST...I know a certain reader who, in the last two/three weeks has been barreling forward to get caught up!

Brunette said...

Agreed, agreed, agreed. This was a pretty disappointing episode- the product placement was just so obnoxious, and what's with having so many luck-based challenges in a row? It was kind of refreshing, though, to see the very familiar sight of Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport- I haven't been to many of the TAR sites so it was fun to see them trying to navigate Moscow.

I disagree on one point: I'm OK with Wanda and Desiree going. If it were possible for Desi to win by herself that would've been fine with me, but I just thought Wanda turned into an anxious freak whenever the pressure was on.

I love The Nerds, and MoJo are growing on me. E&J, though... I just want a comet to fall out of the sky and land directly on them. Is that too much to ask?

I'm so glad you're enjoying Top Chef! Can you believe TWOP doesn't recap it? Letter-writing campaign...

Stef said...

Tee hee, I should be caught up with LOST by the end of the weekend, as long as my friend is able to burn the rest of the season by Friday. She's my hero! So I will pretend I don't know anything about any pregnancy rumors...

I, too, HATE Eric & Jeremy. Phil mocked them and they didn't even get it. What really pissed me off was that the Double D's don't do ANYTHING on their own, and they still didn't get eliminated. Sure, Wanda and Desi kept screwing up the autobahn, but the D's kept following them AND complaining about it! Hi, can you read a map on your own?!? I'm totally voting for the Nerds now, followed by MoJo. I like Fran & Berry, too, and Ray and Yolanda. All the rest can go away.