February 27, 2006

Catching up on 3 shows

Well the Olympics are over, and I confess I skipped the closing ceremonies. They're never as exciting as the openers, and I heard it was just going to be a Cirque de Soleil-type thing anyway. Thus it's time for me to return to my analysis of other items in entertainment. So today we catch up on non-Olympic TV.

Last night was the Dancing with the Stars finale. I was so pleased with this season. Despite some bumps in the road (I'm looking at you, Master P) it was such fun. I was not at all surprised to see Stacy end up third - their free dance on Thursday was a colossal mistake - very dull and uninspired. So it came down to a matter of charm vs. showmanship. Drew was clearly the better dancer, but could he sell it? Ultimately, he did, and I say great for him. Maybe he can help us forget the Nick & Jessica era in the Lachey clan. Myself, I voted for Jerry and Ana. I just think he had to work much harder, he was so incredibly pleasant, and his partner was awesome (I predict she makes a new life as a Russian-American comedienne). But my favorite dance all season remains Tia Carrere's tango. HOT.

After that was a new episode of Grey's Anatomy, which has easily become one of my favorite shows. (I actually cancelled my TiVo season pass to Desperate Housewives.) This week was awesome because Bailey was in it, and she was both mean and nice, which is why she rocks. There was also some kick-ass work by Kate Walsh as Addison, who has grown on me immensely. I really want her to hang around (and for Meredith to drop dead). George - go grab that Latina cutie - she has big bazooms!

Finally it's time for me to talk about what's shaping up for the Project Runway finale. Wasn't the reunion fun? The Andrae montage was priceless. And I'm glad that Chloe called out Santino for being such a dick, particularly to Diana. But my main beef - Zulema is a first-rate bitch. Not only was she standoffish - but check out her attitude in these video clips on the website (you need Internet Explorer to view them). What the hell is her problem?

Anywho - prediction time. My gut tells me that something disastrous is going to happen to either Daniel or Chloe. That person will come in third, and the other will win. Santino will end up in second, because he will do something wildly creative, but not wearable enough to take it all. If I had to place a bet in Vegas, I'd put it on Chloe to win. She'd be my choice. Danny has been really great and I adore him, but Ms. Dao stole my heart in like week 1.

Part 1 of the finale airs Wednesday - don't miss it! (And don't miss Lost - I'm fairly bursting to find out what happened when Claire was kidnapped!)


ScottE. said...

Yep, that Ballroom Blitz with Tia was smoldering. Made me moist like a snack cake. Mr. Lachey kept threatening to dance in his skivvies to pull votes...he didn't...liar.

I put a hand over the screen when I saw Grey's Anatomy as I haven't seen it...let me know if I can read it...are there spoilers?

I cheering for Daniel V! Go Daniel!!! Make me an Orchid Dress!!! Santino, I hope you vomit on your turkey ass. What happened to Andreae?

Dancer in DC said...

Not really a spoiler, just gives a hint about what the show focuses on.

Stef said...

Oh, I've been Drew Crew since the very beginning. But I agree, Jerry rice was adorable and pleasant. I loved when Lisa Rinna said "he's so delicious, you just want to eat him up!" True dat.

(Scotte, don't read this part until after you see the show.)
And I love when you write about my favorite show, Grey's Anatomy! I agree, Meredith is my least favorite part of the whole show. Bailey and Addison did indeed kick ass. I want Bailey on as much as possible, and I think Addy is growing on me, too. Not like poison oak, though, that would be gross. And I still love Burke and Cristina -- I almost teared up at the end when Burke brought George home! And is Alex the person who's more into Izzy than vice versa? Didn't see that coming a few eps ago, but I like it.

ScottE. said...

I damn near choked on a cheeto last night while watching Grey's. EFFING HILARIOUS! Brilliant. Brilliant! BRILLIANT! Bailey and Addy...some of the best moments of TV in ages. Mr. O'Malley...if he doesn't go for hottie with the jubblies, he should come to me. I still want Sandra Oh to spank me! Yeah, Alex all of a sudden...green eyed jealously monster strikes hard!!!

Lady Brandenburg said...

(and yes, I know it's a sort of play on words, with the actual Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body, and her last name being Gray, but she can still suck it).

Lady Brandenburg said...

Meredith has been my least fave character since episode one. I wish the whole show didn't revolve around her - BLEH. In fact, I"m boycotting her being the name of the show. Starting now. LOVE the rest of the "Anatomy" crew!