February 10, 2006

Hating on you

I don't know if any of you visit there, but one of my favorite websites has always been Television Without Pity. They skewer TV shows with scathing recaps of favorites, with a healthy dose of intelligence. I used to be a demon posting on the forums, but nowadays I just read a few recaps.

Last night I realized how much their style has entered my vocabulary. I told the SNU about the frequent use of "HATE." Basically if there is a person/character on a show that the recapper detests so much they have no words, the word is used like that. Example - Wendy from Season 1 of Project Runway. She got a lot of "HATE."

So at the Kennedy Center, there's this bitch who decides 5 minutes before curtain that no one is in these seats in front of us (which are only like 4 seats away from her actual seats). She sits there. But of course the real seat owners show up just 2 minutes later. That woman? HATE.

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ScottE. said...

Yes, !HATE! Because if she would have sat there...then the show started and the seat owners showed up, a fuss would have been had.......and then !HATE! to the person who sat in that seat and leaned all the way forward to block 95% of my view...quiet little me had to lean foward, tappa tappa tappa, please lean back, you're head is blockin' my view....no less than a minute later you hear someone else in the next section over say the same thing to someone else! !HATE!