February 21, 2006

The rare Triple Axel - Triple Rant combination

So for today's Olympic wrap-up, I have a 3-part rant. Bear with me.

Item the first

What has always bugged me in Olympic coverage, but particularly this year, is how the media builds up one or two "superstars." These are generally just athletes who have won some events in other places, and are entered in multiple events now. "How many medals will he/she win?" Well first of all, most athletes specialize in just one event. They may compete in others, but not be as strong. It's just a big set-up for failure, which inevitably happens, not to mention feeding the person's ego. Remember Michael Phelps from the Athens games? Now it's all about Bode Miller. First the big build-up, now all we hear is what a "failure" he is. You think maybe he's not doing well because he's entered in FIVE EVENTS? Lay off, Bob Costas.

Item the second

Ice dancing has been rather dull, but I did watch the final competition last night. And in it, I was apalled to see Galit Chait and Sergei Sakhnovski from Israel performing to Ravel's Bolero. Now for the uninitiated, let me tell you - NO ONE does Bolero. You do not fuck with that, people. Why? Because it was done to PERFECTION in Sarajevo by the incomparable Torvill and Dean. I consider that dance to be the greatest thing to ever happen on ice. (TV Guide only placed Eric Heiden's sweep as a bigger event.) If you're going to pull that shit, you'd better be so amazing that people momentarily forget the original. And what they gave us was a lackluster performance. HATE. (If you want to see the real enchilada, this video is from Lillehammer, where T&D reprised their famous duet as an exhibition, 10 years after the original. They may be older, but they still are bursting with passion.)

Item the third

Bad commercials are bad, but when they are an Olympic sponsor you have to see them over and over. I have such hate for those stupid VW "my fast" commercials, which appear to be nothing more than advertisements about when to break up with your boyfriend. Not to mention the McDonald's commercials where people talk to an inanimate Ronald - it's bordering on being as creepy as the Burger King giant head.

Up this week, we have more Bobsled, women's Figure Skating, and the final matches in Curling. I'm excited!


ScottE. said...

And speaking of Ice Dancing...a U.S. couple won a medal for the first time in 30 some years...and the first silver ever in Ice Dancing...so that's pretty cool...I didn't watch...but um, yeah...did they do the same thing as T&D??? Oh, Bad! Shame. Also HATE the les mis couple.

Dancer in DC said...

No - I should have clarified. The Israeli couple just used the same music. The choreography was dull and uninspired.

DC Food Blog said...

Regarding Ice Dancing - OH MY GOD. How many teams fell in the original dance? It was like roller derby. Also, noone in the history of ice skating has had prettier costumes than T&D's Bolero. I watched the ladies last night. THANK GOD. Finally some coherent programs and skaters skating up to their potential.

Lady Brandenburg said...

Wow wow wow. THANK YOU for posting a link to that ice dancing video - that is a beautiful dance - LOVE the beginning - and end - and the whole thing! (Too bad the music sounds like a casio keyboard). That is artistry!!!!

ScottE. said...

OK, I now must admit....I've seen the whole Bolero piece...but never in one sitting....I finally did. Nice. Compared to most of what I've seen this year, so much better...the recent stuff is so campy and trashy...maybe they are just saving the good stuff for after I go to bed?!?

Stef said...

Oh, Scotte, there's something funny to be said about "saving the good stuff" for after you go to bed... I can't think of it right now, but I guarantee there's some hilarious response to that!

My stupid media player doesn't work on either computer. Will I still be able to watch the Bolero video?

Dancer in DC said...

I believe it's a windows media file - if you have any kind of player on your computer it should be viewable.

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