February 11, 2006

What were they thinking?

I admit I was completely baffled by last night's Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics. I was underwhelmed, to say the least.

The only cool part was the people forming a giant skiier.

But what was with the skating pine trees? And were there really people ballroom dancing in cow prints??? Suddenly I was missing the flying guy at the Athens ceremony.

A highlight for me was watching for the 8 African nations in the parade of countries. I mean, how cool is it to see an alpine skiier from Senegal? AWESOME!


Stef said...

The Ceremonies were on all the big tv's at Buffalo Billiards last night, so we all saw glimpses amongst the beer-drinking. The whole crowd at the bar was laughing at the cow costumes and those big plastic cows that they rolled out.... and I did NOT get the skating Christmas trees!

Lady Brandenburg said...

It was, um, entertaining at least. I guess. The parade of nations rocked - I always like the countries who send ONE athlete!

TsuKata said...

Hee :) ITA, obviously...since I posted many of the same things over on that other board that we both read. :)

Dancer in DC said...

:) And a hearty welcome to you here, Tsu.

(Tsukata is another longtime online buddy of mine. And no, that's not her real name.) ;)