February 01, 2006

Pimpin' those hos

As promised, last night the SNU and I passed on a grandstanding speech of nonsense and instead turned our attention to the DVD of Hustle & Flow.

On the surface, it appears to be a movie about pimps, whores and rappers. But no! It's really a tale about following your dream, at any cost.

I admit that on the whole the movie isn't great - I mean, we're talking about a production from MTV Films, which has brought us such chestnuts as Varsity Blues. But there are a few things that stand out here, and make it worth renting.

The obvious is Oscar-nominated Terrence Howard in the lead. He's really just good at no matter what he does - this time playing a Tennessee pimp who dreams of a different, better life. He has this blended Southern/urban accent which is interesting, and those damn blue eyes that get me every time. Oh, and did I mention he raps? And rather well?

Another bright spot is the music itself - the crux of the film is a demo tape that D-Jay (Howard's character) is trying to cut in an effort to hit it big. They come up with a very catch song with a good "hook" called "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp." Yes, that's right. The way-classy lyrics include:

You know it's hard out here for a pimp
When he tryin to get this money for the rent
For the Cadillacs and gas money spent
Will have a whole lot of bitches jumpin ship

You may say to me, "What? You're seriously listening to this song?" But I have to tell you it's DAMN addictive, and well-done. I'm completely dismayed that it is not available on iTunes, and may have to break down and buy the album just for that song. (Although "Whoop That Trick" was pretty fun, too.)

The last thing I really enjoyed was D-Jay's lead hooker, Shug, who is now pregnant. She's pretty meek, and clearly feels something strong for D-Jay. She comes alive when she sings the crucial piece of music they need. The great actress in the role is Taraji P. Henson, who was getting some Oscar buzz at one point.

Ludacris shows up in this film - the second one I've seen him in this year (he was also in Crash). He's almost unrecognizable at first!

So should you rent this? I say yes - it's different, it's fun and I think you'll enjoy it. It won't make your top 10 list for the year, but you'll giggle when you see Nola the ho really "take charge." I could hardly contain myself.

Next stop - The Constant Gardener. Stay tuned for my review!


ScottE. said...

I concer bitches.

now get your 'ho asses outta here & makes some money for daddy.

Stef said...

I really liked this movie, and posted my own comments a few weeks ago. I thought Terrence Howard was amazing, and I agree that Shug was a really emotional, almost transformative character. Anthony Anderson was great as the mediating friend, and Ludacris continues to really impress me.

I hate that the songs aren't available on iTunes! If you buy the album, let me know. That darn song has been in my head for weeks!