February 15, 2006

Ligety split

I just had to use that as a post title, because it's an awesome nickname.

So cheers to Ted Ligety for coming all the way from 32nd place to WIN the men's combined skiing event last night! (And allowing us not to dwell on Bode Miller's disqualification. But Bode is still hot, over-hyped media blitz aside.)

But I have to say, this picture is so very gay. I believe it's actually a publicity shot for the upcoming pornographic film entitled "Snowplowing."


ScottE. said...

you filthy little animal....! does the new movie have a cameo for swan skater-skater johnny wier?

Dancer in DC said...

OMG, thank you for reminding me that Johnny Wier is the gayest thing to hit skating since Rudy Galindo. He had this long interview about how he was "volatile and edgy." I was like, "No, you're just gay, and think that's subversive and shocking, which it's not."

Edna said...

This is such a funny blog! Love the "Snowplowing" name..