February 15, 2006

The agony of da feet?

So we're a few days into the Winter Olympics, and of course I've been watching countless hours of coverage. It's a tad jarring, as I never watch NBC anymore, and suddenly I'm seeing commercials for Las Vegas, and I'm like, "Is that still on the air?"

Ya know, I am proud to be an American, but it seems like the Olympics are the one time we all feel it more acutely. So I cheered on our American teenagers as they tore up the half-pipe in Snowboarding. I marveled at the abilities of adorable Chad Hedrick and Joey Cheek as they took home gold medals in Speed Skating. And I got a tad depressed when Tony Benshoof got edged out for a medal in the Luge. I will not, however, break into "Proud to be an American." I promise. But I am feeling patriotic, so here's an American flag for you to sing to:

The Luge. I fucking LOVE the Luge. It's without question my favorite Olympic event. How fantastic to watch a man hurtling down an icy track at speeds of 90 mph with only a 4 inch sled beneath him. Awesome! And what's hotter than Men's Luge? Double Men's Luge! Hurtling at that speed laying on another guy's soft goods!

What's been most shocking are the severe injuries and falls all over the place. Two female alpine skiiers tumbled down the mountain like an avalanche. And then a very disturbing fall for China's Zhang Dan, as she landed on her knees coming out of a throw. The woman is clearly in severe pain, and they stop. It's over. So sad. But no! She says she still wants to compete, and they try their best. A few breathtaking moments later, they secure the silver medal. THAT is why the Olympics are fantastic. Power of the human spirit, baby.

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ScottE. said...

ha...soft goods! who says they are soft goods?