February 10, 2006

His thumb is green, but her nose is in everyone's business

(I'm catching up on a lot of material in the next few posts, so bear with me. In an effort to blog more regularly, expect to see more frequent posts with less long-winded commentary, peppered with an occasional long review. I hope you enjoy the new format - let me know what you think!)

The Constant Gardener - I know I never posted a review. Basically it's an interesting movie with a mystery at its center. It starts slow, but really gets going in the middle. Rachel Weisz is indeed quite good, but I admit I'd rather see Catherine Keener or Michelle Williams take home the Oscar. But if Rachel wins, I won't be disappointed. As long as someone doesn't cover her face in mascara like she was at the Globes!

On a side note, I finally figured out where I know Amy Adams - she played Leslie, the blond bimbette cheerleader in Drop Dead Gorgeous. Just for being in that movie, I now adore her. What? You haven't seen it? GO OUT AND RENT IT!


ScottE. said...

OMG! For real...Love her...Go (insert mascot)!

Dancer in DC said...

Muskies! (Which I think is some kind of fish.)

ScottE. said...

YES, fish....Muskelunge...or something like that is the full name:

muskellunge: n, a large pike of northern US and southern Canada, eh!

Stef said...

Loved Rachel Weisz. Loved Amy Adams. I think Rachel will win, but I'd really be happy with any of the 5 women in that category.