December 31, 2007

Best of Entertainment in '07

Everyone else has a year-end list, so why not me? Here are my favorites of the past year.

Best Movie - Juno

Yes, there was a lot of crap at the movies this year. But also a few great ones. We had some hilarious films from the House of Apatow (Knocked Up, Superbad), The Simpsons finally hit the big screen, the Bourne trilogy ended with a bang, and an animated rat cooked up something special. And yet the film I saw most recently is my favorite. Juno has all the elements of a great film - an excellent cast, a clever script, smart directing and a groovy soundtrack.

Best DVD Rental, Movie - United 93

A film every American who lived through 9/11 should see. Give yourself the chance to grieve and heal the wounds that run so deep.

Best DVD Rental, TV - Battlestar Galactica

From a single rental, a new obsession was born. Now can ANYONE tell us how to get our hands on a video set for season 3?

Best Album - Back to Black, Amy Winehouse

Yes, her personal life has been one continuous train wreck. So what? She still delivered an amazing album with a sound that intoxicates. And I owe her - the most new visitors to my blog came looking for the lyrics of "Rehab"!

Best Song - "Umbrella", Rihanna

The song of the summer should be grating on my nerves by now. The fact that it's not indicates that it's a groove that is a new classic. Turn on your iPod and hit play (ay-ay-ay)!

Best TV, Reality - America's Next Top Model

Before you cry, "Sacrilege!" I recognize that Top Model is not usually the best reality show out there. But in a year where we only got the beginning of a Project Runway season, and The Amazing Race was dominated by a horrid "All-Stars" season, Top Model delivered the most consistent entertainment for me. Jaslene was the cha-cha diva, Dionne was hilarious and had the most ridiculous made-up name (Wholahay!), Heather taught us about Asperger's, and Tyra continued her descent to being bat-shit crazy. Work it!

Best TV, Comedy - How I Met Your Mother

The Office certainly gets my honorable mention this year, but HIMYM is still tops in our home.

Best TV, Drama - Lost

As if I'd say anything else? Even with a wildly inconsistent 3rd season, it's still been the best thing out there. As long as the Dum-Dum Duo stay dead.

Best Book - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, J.K. Rowling

I've seen a lot of critics that left this one off their top 10 lists for the year. But I think that it is not only a wildly entertaining read, but how can you not recognize a book that ends a series so perfectly? Every loose end was tied, and Rowling revealed the master plan she had all along. Pure satisfaction.

[In working on this list I realized I've read virtually no non-fiction this year. I guess 2007 was my Year of Escapism.]

Best New Musical - Xanadu

A show is truly funny when everyone is in on the joke, and the cast plays it to the hilt. Laugh until you hurt!

OK, so that's my list - what did I miss, gentle readers?


Stef said...

I just downloaded "Umbrella" about 2 weeks ago, and I can't stop listening to it!

Your list is pretty similar to mine, though I still have to go see "Juno" pronto!

ScottE. said...

it's been a pretty good year...but i'm still very underwhelmed by hollywood these days...i could stand to see more greatness!