June 02, 2007

Go See This Movie

I know I'm not normally that to-the-point in my movie reviews. But this one was easy.

The film is Knocked Up. It is a movie directed by Judd Apatow, who brought us the hilarious 40 Year-Old Virgin.

It is hilarious. No, not hilarious. FUCKING hilarious. Like rocking-in-your-chair-I-gotta-pee funny.

The concept of the movie is simple, and the dialogue is mostly improvised. Yet it retains a tender heart that will turn even the most hardened heart into a baby-lover.

What really makes the movie shine is the cast. It's just brilliance all around! Seth Rogen is the loveable Jewish shlub, and I'm not ashamed to say I think he's sexy. He has a bevy of pothead buddies, led by Jason Segel, our own Marshall from How I Met Your Mother. And he gets naked! And then there's the always adorable Paul Rudd, who just oozes comic intelligence.

But if anyone steals the show, it's the ladies. Katherine Heigl sheds any memory of Izzie, playing the kind of woman who can hang out with the guys and still be cool. She plays off of Leslie Mann, who portrays the sister, and in real-life is Apatow's wife. Her comic sense is genius. Heck, even the little girls are adorable and funny (and they are Apatow's kids - talk about nepotism).

My favorites, though, have to be the bit parts. Kristen Wiig of SNL is hilarious as a TV exec that can't hide her jealousy. And how can you not love Charlyne Yi as a stoner girl? I can't repeat any of her lines - you have to see her to believe her!

So in summary - the movie is the funniest thing I've seen in a long time. Go see it. Do it now! You won't be disappointed.

Just don't take your parents - trust me.


Stef said...

I really want to see it!

Seth Rogen and Jason Segel both started out with Judd Apatow back on Freaks & Geeks, one of the all-time best shows ever to be cancelled from television. I've loved them ever since! And I am curios to see Katherine Heigl NOT be Izzy, cuz I am so over Izzy I could scream.

ScottE. said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE! One of the better movies I've seen in ages!

The Kara said...

I saw this today, too, and LOVED it! It really was so funny that I had to pee in the middle of the movie so I hopped out and as I was on my way back to the theatre I literally ran into Chris Rock with his wife and 2 adorable kids. Anyway, loved the movie, terrific date fare - crowd pleaser for the ladies and gents alike. I LOVED the stoner girl and the werewolf guy - also the bits in the hospital - one word MURDERBALL. 'nough said. Go see it!

Stef said...


I haven't laughed that hard in ages... the entire movie was hilarious, it's hard to even pick out the best parts. But I nearly lost it at the Doc/Delorean stuff, and Cirque du Soleil on 'shrooms! Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd should always do movies together!

Kara - seriously? Chris Rock and his family? What movie were they seeing???

The Kara said...

I saw them by the bathroom but since the girls were so little I'm assuming they were SHREK-ing it.

ScottE. said...

Stef: Seth and Paul shouldn't just do movies together, they should do me together!