July 06, 2007


Rather than brave the crowds going to the Mall yesterday, we took in a movie instead. Scott suggested Pixar's Ratatouille, and I figured, why not?

It's really a charming movie. The animation is top-notch (as usual), and the vocal talents are good. And you really grow in your appreciation for what goes into a restaurant's gourmet meals. The movie on the whole is certainly not groundbreaking in terms of storytelling, but maybe for an animated movie aimed at kids, it doesn't matter?

Now the only questionable concept is the embracing of rats as being cool, and cooking in your kitchen. Although that's cute in a movie, how do parents explain to their kids when they are trying to kill a rat that's infested their pantry?

On a side note, the opening cartoon is Pixar's Lifted, which was nominated for an Oscar. It's still cute and clever. But if you're looking to download it, you'll have to wait until the DVD of Ratatouille comes out.

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The Kara said...

My fairy goddaughter came to visit this weekend and we had a wonderful time with some hiccups in between. We closed the visit with a trip to the movies to see this and we both loved it... though I admit I fell asleep for the first 30 minutes b/c I was so tuckered out by her 9 year-old energy. Shockingly - that's Janeane Garofalo as the lady French chef and I love the comedian Paton Oswald as the main rat. AO Scott in the New York Times gave this movie THE most amazing review ever (I think he was overwhelmed and identifying WAY too much with Ian McKellan's critic) - so I didn't like it as much as him, but thought it was fun.