September 26, 2007

Marvelous Mondays

At long last, the fall TV season is here! It's premiere week, and Monday was a return to favorites for me.

The night started with How I Met Your Mother. When we last left the fab five, Marshall and Lily got married, and we learned that Ted and Robin had broken up. Barney was stoked to have a fellow bachelor once again.

Well it didn't go so well, considering Robin brought back Enrique Iglesias as her new beau. This sends Ted into a jealous rage, and he goes off for a night of drunken debauchery with Mandy Moore (playing against type - what, Lindsay Lohan wasn't available?). In the end he was "tramp stamped" by a girly butterfly tattoo on his back. Schmuck!

But the highlight is Barney's line, "B the W..." Ha! IM-speak!

CBS is following up the show with The Big Bang Theory, which is basically about a bunch of super-smart geeks who befriend a waitress from the Cheesecake Factory. Seriously. I smiled a couple times, but I sincerely doubt there are enough laughs to last a season. (Next week I'll be trying CW's Alien in America instead.)

And then...there was Heroes. It's four months later, and what are our friends up to?

Well, the Bennet family has relocated to a place in California, and try their best to live unexceptional lives so as not to attract the attention of "The Company." It gets dragged out all episode, but we get it - they don't enjoy this thing. Claire is also having a pseudo-flirtation with a guy that turns out to be super-powered himself - he can fly. They're a match made in heaven - if they do the Superman kiss n' fly thing, if he accidentally drops her, no big deal!

Meanwhile, Matt got a divorce (um, wasn't his wife PREGNANT?), and is living with Mohinder (not like THAT, you gay conspiracy theorists). They are protecting Molly, who is having nightmares - are they about Sylar? Or something more sinister?

Nathan is now a drunk, as he appears to have survived, but thinks that Peter didn't. He's got a big ol' beard, which he manages to look hot in.

And Hiro finds himself in the past, meeting his "hero" Mr. Kenzei. Who appears to be not so heroic after all, and Hiro may have mistakenly altered the past. Will that affect the future?

Let's hope that he can correct it, as the future isn't so bright. Some mysterious hooded figure from "the remaining nine" threatens the lives of both Hiro's father and Mama Petrelli. Ando isn't in time to save Mr. Kaito. Nooo!!!! George Takei!!!! (We do manage to get a clear picture that Kaito and Mama P obviously know each other quite well - could there be other heroic parents in hiding?)

We also meet two new heroes, a brother and sister act from south of the border. Who are Maya and Alejandro? And what power does she have that can kill a truckload of people and leave their eyes bleeding? It doesn't sound pretty, that's for sure.

Oh, and Peter? Alive. With a better haircut. Locked in a crate in Cork, Ireland of all places. And he doesn't remember who he is. Did I mention he's wearing a necklace with that sinister S symbol?

Niki/Ikin, D.L. and Micah? I wish I knew!


Stef said...

I missed it all! I was in Indiana watching Ken Burns with the fam, but now I'm back... NBC was really good last year with putting Heroes on its website, so I should be able to catch up. I hope I can get HIMYM that way too. That's just such a fun, heartwarming show...

ScottE. said...

Ha! Superman Kiss and Drop...that's funny!

Heroes sort of dragged a bit for me...this should have been all about catching up, not introducing new characters...yet.

Stef said...

Ok, I just watched Heroes.

I admit, I was one of the people thoroughly disappointed with the season finale. BUT, this episode did have a lot of promise. I liked that it set up some new long-term mysteries - like what's up with the parents? what does that S symbol refer to? what's up with Peter? - and it told the Hiro-back-in-time story better than I thought it would. That could partly be because I'm a HUGE David Anders fan. His Sark was the best thing about the whole series of Alias. And, I didn't miss Niki/Micah/DL, cuz they're my least favorite characters... I like the Bennetts, Hiro/Ando, and the Petrellis best, so this episode worked for me.

I'll give Heroes another shot. What else do I have to do on Monday nights???