June 29, 2007

Summer of Groovy Tunes

My apologies for the lack of posts recently - it's been a busy time traveling for work. Things are starting to calm down, fortunately.

It may be a busy summer, but nothing makes summer more bearable than some great music! And I've been hearing a lot lately. Here are a few recommendations for you to check out.

Erasure - Yeah, OK, so they've been around for decades. But we had the chance to rediscover how great they are at a recent True Colors concert. The whole show was fun (well, except for Deborah Harry), but Erasure turned the amphitheater into a party palace! I can't wait to see them in concert again soon. What songs should you listen to? Pick one! A good place to start is the classic album, The Innocents.

The Gossip - The opener for the True Colors show was this group that I hadn't heard before. Turns out they are great fun with killer beats and a hard-edged sound. Their latest album is called Standing in the Way of Control. My favorite cuts are the title track, and "Listen Up!"

Once - I mentioned it in my previous post, but the soundtrack for this movie is a winner.

Rihanna - I've been a fan of her singles for awhile, and this chanteuse from Barbados keeps coming out with a hit for summer each year. Past favorites have been "SOS" and "Pon de Replay," but this summer it's all about "Umbrella." (And check out the video - gotta give a girl props for dancing en pointe.)

Mika - ScottE had been looking at this guy for awhile, but it's thanks to our friend in Wisconsin that we got the album. And it's definitely good. He's a mix of Jake Shears, Freddie Mercury and Robbie Williams. For fun you can groove to "Love Today" and for more spiritual moments you can sing along with "Happy Ending."


ScottE. said...


With Erasure, Joyous gave us some of their newest songs and I must praise I COULD FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU. Love that song. But the three songs that were shared are awesome. They are from the newest album.

The Gossip rock. I think they classified this album, Standing in the Way of Control as punk rock soul. I love it!

Hey Mika, What's the big idea?!! I love this album, so much fun! Especially LOVE TODAY and BIG GIRLS! RELAX is a great homage to the 80's!

joyous said...

I am so happy to have shared the wonderousness that is Erasure and to have some new converts. They keep getting better as they age. My favorite album is still Nightbird.

And I can't stop listening to Mika. He's so fun. I wish we had gone to see him at the 9.30.

Stef said...

A new Freddie Mercury / Robbie Williams type? Okay, guess I'm gonna have to download some Mika! And some new Erasure, too, though I have THE INNOCENTS on my iPod already thank to Joyous. She's an Erasure Evangelist! :-)