August 08, 2007

Ultimate Ultimatum

The Bourne movies represent a unique piece of movie history. For one thing, they have actually improved, with each better than the one before it. They also represent a subgenre of action films. Let's call them "thinking man's action." Because that pretty much sums it up - pulse-pounding action sequences that are smart. Bourne escapes situations because he uses his ingenuity. It's like MacGyver on speed.

As you can tell, I loved the last installment in the trilogy - The Bourne Ultimatum. This time Bourne has nothing left - he only wants to know who he is and how he got to this point. And those with the answers are desperate to kill him off before he finds out too much (and before the general public finds out).

What follows is an exciting globe-trotting adventure that takes us from Russia to Spain to Morocco and back to the US. Bourne enlists the help of a familiar face (Julia Stiles, kicking butt this time around), and comes back face to face with Joan Allen once again.

I can't really express what an amazing ride this movie is - it's a must-see for summer! But you might want to bone up on The Bourne Supremacy just to catch you up (although Ultimatum does a nice job providing a few flashbacks). I can't wait to see it again.

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ScottE. said...

I started giggling with excitement about 20 minutes in and didn't stop until hours later. So GOOD!

Stef said...

OMG I loved this so much! My giggling with glee moment was when Matty scurried into that police car. Remember it? The whole thing was so smart and tense, with great performances from some favorites. Matty, of course, but also Paddy Considine, David Strathairn, and a grown-up Julia Stiles.

Think the trilogy will be out as a box set in time for Christmas?