December 17, 2007

Short DVD Reviews - Part 6

As always, I promise you reviews of our latest Netflix rentals in 25 words or less!

Something New - Joyous recommended this melodrama. Race relations are the overtone, but a charming romance is what makes it enjoyable. Ideal for my inner black woman.

Frida - Julie Taymor directs this visually interesting but ultimately dull biopic of Frida Kahlo. Go to a museum instead.

Dial M for Murder - My latest foray into the Hitchcock oeuvre. Grace Kelly is stunning, but the plot drags.

Bride and Prejudice - A combination Bollywood musical and Hollywood romance, I found it underwhelming. Sayid from Lost is in it (briefly), though.

Junebug - Remarkably charming film in the "awkward family" genre, it is worth seeing to note why Amy Adams got that Oscar nomination (and Alessandro Nivola's butt).

The Flower of My Secret - Almodovar film that shows promise, but fails to deliver. The best moments come from the funny mother.


Stef said...

I really liked Something New too. No surprise Joyous and I are attracted to the same difficult relationship flicks! :-)

I also thought Dial M wasn't one of Hitchcock's best. Grace Kelly was beautiful, of course, but the movie's talk-talkiness got a little old.

And I *loved* Junebug when I saw it in the theater. I really want to see Enchanted to see more of A. A.'s charm.

joyous said...

I didn't expect to like Something New, but I am a big fan of Sanaa Lathan (who one of my co-workers knows and says is supremely lovely). And Simon Baker is so freaking cute.

Junebug was so lovely.

Meeg said...

I saw part of Something New on a plane and it seemd pretty decent. The white guy in it isn't bad looking either.

ScottE. said...

Junebug is going to be a favorite I think....simple, fun movie.

Anonymous said...

I adore 'Bride and Prejudice'! Bollywood Jane Austen! Is there anything more random and wonderful? -Liz