December 06, 2007

Oh No, She Didn't!

My recap this week will be a bit on the short side, but I'm kinda behind and playing catch-up!

As we return to the final fivegirls of Top Model, Heather is once again lamenting her performance in the commercial. Chantal in particular doesn't think that Heather deserved to stay. Dang! Meanwhile, Jenah is concerned that she's being nailed as "not having personality" because she's not all perky and annoying (i.e. Saleisha). Jenah feels that she's always been like a sarcastic personality.

Go-Sees! Let's get to them. Susan Yang of PT Models explains the usual rules (take your portfolio, go, see, be back on time). Considering how challenging the language barrier would be, each girl is given a driver who will take them to the area of the go-sees they pick. (They get a translator, too.)

Saleisha does OK, although the first designer says, "She's boring." Word! Heather gets lost once she steps out of her cab. Meanwhile Chantal impresses the designers except for her bright pink underwear (she forgot that Ms. J said to always wear nude panties when you're working). Meanwhile Jenah and Bianca impress some people. Heather is still lost.

FINALLY, Heather makes her first go-see. The designer says she needs more eye contact - which you know is not Heather's strong point. The same designer says that Jenah's walk is bad...because she looks too much like a model. Huh? Now for a little stank behavior. Bianca crosses paths with Saleisha. Bianca asks where the next one is (which she thinks is near). Saleisha says, "I don't know." Even though it's right upstairs. Then while Saleisha is modeling for a designer, Chantal waits in the wings and complains about Saleisha being a disgusting suck-up (which she kind of is). Of course, then Chantal goes up and does the very same thing.

Now the race to get back on time. Very simply - Saleisha is back on time, and Bianca is just under the wire. The other girls all underestimate the outrageous Shanghai traffic. And Heather is lost. Again. In fact, she loses her cab. And somehow walks past Jenah in her cab (stuck in traffic). Crazy. One might say Jenah could have offered her a ride, but I'm guessing that would have been against the rules. (And it is a competition.)

The girls go out on the town for dinner, and then Susan stops by to critique Biana and Saleisha. They both did well, but the winner will be in an ad for the 2008 Olympics. They turn around and there's the ad on a boat going by - it's Bianca! She's all happy, but one has to wonder what that ad means, and if it will ever again see the light of day.

Photo shoot time - with Nigel! So while the girls get gussied up, Jenah tries to play a little with Nigel sarcastically. He is NOT impressed. I have to say - I know she overstepped her bounds a little bit, but I can hardly blame her. She was really pointing out what a pompous ass he can be. And also this may have been a failed attempt with her trying to "show personality." Anywho, she feels the pressure a bit in her photo shoot - she may have some decent shots, but she's not sure her usual style of modeling works with Nigel's.

Bianca requires a lot of direction. Saleisha impresses Nigel. His concern with Chantal is that every time he gives her a comment, she takes the direction and then kind of falls out of the pose. He struggles to connect with Heather. While he's shooting Heather, Jenah is having a conversation that's a bit too loud, and gets a "quiet in the peanut gallery" comment.

Panel! Judges (Susan as the guest) and prizes. Once again Tyra pre-emptively tells them of their next journey - next week in Bejing! Excitement. First up for critique is Chantal.

Chantal gets criticized for being late from the go-sees and for the pink undies. Tyra tries to get Chantal to practice not breaking her focus. Her shot is...something the judges like. Me, not so much.

Bianca is praised for winning the challenge, and booking with 3 designers. Her photo has a nice body, but her face is lousy. It's very week 2 Bianca. Nigel says that she is too posey, not fluid enough.

Jenah is also criticized for being late, and needs to be more personable. Her picture has her shining in the back. Of course, Nigel has to tell her how her comments to him came off as arrogant. Tyra makes the more relevant point - the photographer for the day is your boss. True.

Saleisha is just loved all over the place. And her photo is indeed a bit daring in the positioning of her body. But I have to say her cutesy attitude is grating to me now. Of course, the girl's probably going to win it all, as she's been a Tyra favorite for ages. Check out this link and watch the video, people!

Heather only made it to 1 go-see. The judges are not impressed. Ms. J also really doesn't feel her runway walk has improved. Her photo gets good reviews, but Nigel points out that she got lucky.

So the judges deliberate, and you know it's Ms. Jenah that's in trouble. Nigel says that Jenah is a good girl, but he's afraid her personality is getting in the way. Twiggy agrees - will Jenah offend a designer? (I would say, not likely to his/her face, but later on a blog or something...) Nigel doesn't like Bianca's picture. Both he and Twiggy are concerned about Heather's ability to communicate with photographers and designers. Susan thinks Chantal needs confidence. Saleisha love-fest (*snore*).

5 beautiful girls, 4 photos. First photo is of course Saleisha the perfect one. Next it's Bianca and Chantal. Will Heather and Jenah please step forward?

Both of you take gorgeous pictures. But you've demonstrated a failure to communicate this week. So who goes home? Well you know it's Je...what? Huh? HEATHER? Holy shit!!! (You should have seen me watching it. I was SHOCKED. Totally fooled.) So Jenah is given a real second chance to show her personality in a respectful way.

Wow, I was sure surprised (the girls were, too) - but I think I see the reasoning. I believe the judges wanted Heather to succeed and maybe even win it. But she still has some work to do on her personal development and communication style. And considering America voted her their favorite almost every week, I think there are many, many folks out there ready to support her. (And I'd venture to say a few folks ready to book her as a print model.)

Heather in her farewell speech shows that she's really looking at things the right way - she showed how much a person with Asperger's can accomplish. She's proud of herself, and she should be. Love you, Heather! I know your life is only just beginning. (Heck, she already got interviewed by Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America.)

Next week (or rather, "recently" depending on when you read this) - Tyra is the photographer. Which may sound bad, but she's actually done pretty well in the past! (Remember her creepy contact lens shoot with Caridee and company a couple cycles back?) I'll also make my predictions for the finale. (Will it be Tyra's golden child? The bubbly blonde? The sarcastic smoker? Or the alpha bitch?)

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ScottE. said...

Oh Tyra playing favs!


I'm bummed to see Heather Tyra said...oh wait that was last night...I can't qoute her yet...

Anyway, bummed to see Heather go...thing is I actually think I will remember her more than the rest of the girls.