August 15, 2007

Roller Skate Fantasia

The Broadway show of the moment is Xanadu. Seriously.

If you've seen the movie, you're aware that it's incredibly cheezy and craptastic. So the creators of this stage show thought, "Why not poke fun at it? And the 80's in general? And even theater in general?"

The result is a hilarious romp from start to finish. Kerry Butler is outrageously funny in her overly affected Australian accent ("My name is Kiiiiiiiiiiraaaaaaaa."), and girl can SING. Oh, and you know she's on roller skates and wearing leg warmers almost the whole time, right? She's well-matched with Cheyenne Jackson [not pictured] as the blissfully clueless Sonny Malone.

The book adds a fun subplot where a couple of the Muse sisters are jealous of Clio/Kira. This let's them have fun at being nasty, and sing the showstopper, "Evil Woman."

And you get to enjoy all this while munching on the 80's era confections they sell - Pop Rocks, candy cigarettes, candy necklaces...good times!

In short, this is such a great show, I was ready to go back and see it again the very same night. Don't miss this one! Laughter is indeed the best medicine.

[All pictures courtesy of the official show website - see link above.]


ScottE. said...

I'm guessing combined between the two of us, we've listened to the movie soundtrack at least 20 times since Saturday...and continually quote the musical...we love it!

And we bought matching glittery t-shirts!!!! SWEET!

And should share an image of Cheyenne Jackson in cut-off shorty shorts! It's a sight!

I've been watching this You Tube clips you a good idea of the show and the silliness.

The Kara said...

SO MUCH FUN! When I came home tonight I listened to XANADU and MAGIC - God, that Olivia sings her heart out! I am SO going to download the E-E-VIL WO-MAN song on my ipod tomorrow.

Truly one of my favorite theatre experiences with you guys!