March 19, 2008

Lost Breeds Confusion

In the last few weeks on Lost, we've seen a lot more confusion over various timelines - in other words, it's been a real...well, you know.

First we watch Desmond dealing with 2 personalities (both of which are him in different time periods - the wrong ones) as he struggles to deal with some rift in the time-space continuum near the island. Fortunately he's able to rectify the situation with a desperate call to Penny. Loving her, by the way.

Meanwhile, we discover that things on the freighter are anything but peachy, considering swimming with chains is a favored activity. Of course the big reveal is that Michael is there! Does he really think he is someone else? Or is he Ben's spy on the boat? Or both?

Not to mention, Juliet was totally doing it with Goodwin. And Ben has...possessiveness issues.

Then we had a poignant episode as we follow Sun giving birth in the future while she decides her own fate in the present. She has the baby, and Hurley comes to visit. But while we think the whole time Jin is rushing to the hospital to see her, in fact he was going to see another patient, and has "only been married 2 months." Just when you wonder if he somehow left Sun in the flash-forward, you learn that in fact he has died (no!), as Hurley and Sun go to visit his grave. So in fact, it must have been a flash-back layered over the flash-forward, while my brain oozed out of my ear.

Oh, and Juliet? That was cold! Dang, beeyotch!

All in all, this was my favorite Sun/Jin episode, and one of my all-time favorites, period. The layered time periods was a clever ruse, and the acting was superb. If Yunjin Kim doesn't get an Emmy nod this season, I'm going to pull a Juliet on the voters!

Anywho, if you've been neglecting Lost this season, you are totally missing out. It's truly entered a renaissance, and I am on the edge of my seat to see what's been happening with Michael. And Walt!

Oh, and am I the only one dying to find out what happened to Claire that makes Kate end up with Aaron in the future?


ScottE. said...

Mmmm, melting grey matter....


Is Jin really dead? Or back on the island with all the rest of the losties? Don't know...

Stef said...

I knew you would love "Ji Yeon"! Sun is so forever your girl. :-)

I'm also really amazed at how astoundingly good the show has been this year. Whether it's having a definite end date that's helped clarify the writing, or if they've gotten to a point in the storytelling that they're all really excited about... whatever it is, Lost is on full throttle and I couldn't be happier. It's answering plenty of old questions but asking very interesting new ones, and I really just can't wait to see what happens next!

I'm also loving Penny and Juliet, and perhaps even Charlotte has potential - I am glad they've added some new complicated, layered, and intelligent women to the bunch!

Bobaloo said...

I agree that Lost has been hotter than ever this year. Especially the last 3 episodes.

I am alos curious about Claire's disposition, and my wife even more - but she fears the worst.